Sunday, 9 January 2011

Kiko - 275 Black + stickers

Sometimes being sick is pretty useful. In this case I have found the fabulous world of nail's blogs, especially lacquerized. Michelle's posts are a mix of reviews and "how to" with essentials and useful advices, and last summer that blog was an illumination for me :D
First results can be seen on this manicure: the application was more precise than before without a proper cleaning up, neither, you can see here how to paint nails, but I found out how to clean up easily, too. Creating a nail shape was improving a lot, and this post was perfect about how to shape nails, but my nails are very very very weak and I prefer them pretty short, since I always stress my nails a lot with bricolage, houseworks, and everything. Cuticles were still good to eat, but I learned how to get happy cuticles, so I was starting to use creams (Lush - Gurugu) and weekly treatments (Mavala - Eau Emolliente).
I know those are basic infos about manicure, but for me was a new world to discover, and I was surprised to discover how easy it was improvinf my hands with so little attentions. ^___^
I really like this mani, and I was very happy to find out dark colors suit on me! *__*

● KIKO - 275 BLACK
This polish is a simple, creamy, solid black. Application was good, but pay attention: when the bottle is half, it will become a lot dense and you'll have to add some drops of thinner. I use Mavala - Diluant.
The brand is White Spring, I guess, but I'm not sure. Similar stickers from this collection are sold on Nail Design Euro Discount. These decals are amazing designs are beautiful and quality is perfect. Very classy!

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