Sunday, 9 January 2011

Pupa - 104 + stamping

My cousin couldn't rexist from trying her first konadicure, so we have made this one just for fun. My cousin was used to classic polish colors: red, burgundy, red, a bit of black, red... So I used neutral colors and an essential design. No thrauma for her! XD
Same day, with same polishes, but other hands and another image plate, I made a konadicure for myself, too. I know these konadicures are simple and imprecise, but I like them very much anyway. :)

● PUPA - 104
This nude polish has a wonderful tone: it's not too light to seem a pastel color, and it's not so dark to doesn't fit my olive skintone. It's absolutely perfect, but it has got the same problem as each Pupa's polish: JUST 5 ML IN THE BOTTLE FOR 4/6 euros! I would a dupe for this. ç__ç
This polish comes from a no cruelty-free brand (DEBBY ColorPlay) and I won't buy again from this brand in the future.
These image plates were bought from an italian eBay seller. You can buy them from Mary Nail Shop. Some plates are inspired from Konad designs, but a lot of them has got original designs. The quality is variable, you have to try them, and the price is very very very low!

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