Monday, 10 January 2011

Pupa - 104 + glitter french

Kanjani∞ mani!!! These photos are terrible, I know, and this mani is terrible, I know, too. That day was very hot, too hot, and I couldn't do anything, so I tried this mani for fun and I had no camera with me. By the way, it was very summery. ^__^

PUPA - 104
This nude polish has a wonderful shade: it's not light as a pastel, but it is enough light to stand out. It's absolutely perfect, but it has got the same problem as each Pupa's polish: JUST 5 ML IN THE BOTTLE FOR 4/6 euros! I would a dupe for this. ç__ç
Tips were made with polishes two-way (little brush + nail art pen) like these.

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