Friday, 28 January 2011

Pupa - 104 + [b] basic - 06 + stickers + french

I have just one thing to say this time: I LOVE THESE DECALS. Really.

PUPA - 104
This polish again! My favorite nude polish, but I'm searching for a dupe, because I would a bottle bigger than 5 ml ;P
[B] BASIC - 06 
This brand is sold on Shlecker or A&S stores. This polish arrives in a mini bottle of 5 ml for 0,99 euro. This shade is a frosty teal with more green tones than blue into it. The formula is opaque in only one coat and the liquid that remains in the bottle is very fluid also when it's finishing. Sometimes the most unlikely enamels can make big surprises! :D
Oh! The love! The perfection! I bought them from chez-delaney, but I'm pretty sure they are sold out and I couldn't find them again from other shops. I'm an orphan from them and I have no enough courage to use the last ones I already have. ç__ç

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