Friday, 22 July 2011

Catrice - In the Bronx

I wasn't sure about buying this polish... It looked sheer and streaky... But I bought it anyway. What a luck! More coats and it's amazing!



First coat is a hell: sheer, streaky, a color like poo... No way! The second one fixes a lot, the third one shows a wonderful polish, so different under various lights, so classy, brightening but still discreet. Indoor seems almost a mteallc, in the sunlight you can see gold and red glitter shine. I advice this shade, absolutely! And very long loasting, too.
EDIT: after speaking with some friends of mine (who didn't notice any problem about application of this polish), we think my bottle was damaged by the hottest week of the year: I received this polish by mail during those days, so it's pretty probably the formula has suffered from that crazy heat.

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