Sunday, 10 July 2011

Eyeko - Rain + stickers

I've already swatched this polish HERE. That time I've layered with holo glitters, this time I preferred keep the original creamy finish. I like this color,  it's one of my favorites, and I've ordered a very similar polish, since this Eyeko bottle is finishing. ç__ç

China Glaze made a very close color with a subtle shimmer in China Glaze - sea spray, but this shade is a trend this year and you can find a similar polish from any brand. It's classy, discreet, but it has character at the same time, it's perfect to become an evergreen for the future, don't you think?
I bought this decal from a british eBayer: dowryqueen. They have stickers and other nail stuff, and you can find a lot of peculiar designs.

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