Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Catrice - Beam me, Scotty!

Nothing new to say, I would just remember about my first giveaway: a bit weird, a bit cheap, but made with aaaaall my heart! Join my giveaway HERE!!!

I've catched only this polish from this amazing limited edition: since it wasn't arrived to my town, I had to ask to a friend of mine in Austria (the story is more complicated than this, but I can't explain it properly in english ;P). However... The polish! This is a very dark blackish blue with a little hint of deep green, but just a little little hint. Surprise surprise: it dries suede, and the shimmer into its formula becomes a wonderful blaze of silver mattified micro points! Moreover, dries very fast and you need for just one generous coat. I always prefer 2 coats, anyway: a first one that's thin to defining the edges, and the second one is thicker for coverage; third is for deep, but this time wasn't necessary at all. It seems long lasting, too, I had to use my nails a lot since yesterday and the polish is still as just applied. A great purchase!!!
I bought these on Nail Design Euro Discount, a wonderful German online store with low prices for high quality products and a great customer service. I think I'll buy often from here, especially files, stickers, and accessories.

Ehm... It can't be helped, I HAVE TO add a little tribute to him:


  1. Che idiota che mi sono persa questa collezione ç_ç però sono speranzosa, da me lo stand Catrice è poco considerato, magari qualcosa m'è rimasto disponibile. Questo è proprio bello, ed è pure suede *_*

  2. "Lui" è proprio carino, anzi no, è uno spettacolo, quando l'ho preso non sapevo che asciugasse suede ed è stata una fantastica sorpresa. Mi piacciono le "catene", fa molto bondage! xD
    (aiuto, di questi tempi meglio non dire certe cose!!!)

  3. @ele: da me manco era arrivato, figurati ç__ç

    @cristina: fa audience di questi tempi! XD

  4. Che meraviglia...Lo avrei voluto :-((
    Senti però, se continui a farmi vedere tutti questi stickerz sfiziosi finisce che mi scappa l'ordine (e ne ho quintali che non uso, a casa)!!

  5. Ooops, e ne ho ancora tanti da provare, però cerco sempre di usare tutto quello che prendo, e quel che non uso spartisco come i pani e i pesci! :D

  6. Nice stickers! Cant find great stickers where I live, i'm canadian. (french...but I try to write in english) :)

  7. Oh don't worry! My english is pretty bad, and I'm aware that I write e lot of weird phrases with a ridiculous and macaronic grammar, but my blog is also a way to improve my language skills and making exercise :D
    Your language is lovely, but very hard about pronunciation, when I was in Paris in 1995 I've studied a bit of French, but I don't remember so much :(

  8. I think you have a really good english. I suppose your first language is Italian?

  9. Yes, I'm Italian. I'm not so proud of that, anyway... :P
    Are you Canadian, instead... When I was a little girl I was obsessed with Canada, especially for the free nature you have all around you. And the cold weather, I love it! :D

  10. Ooooh this is so cool! I love the designs and the matte finish. Very edgy, me likey! ;-)

  11. @jane: I'll surely wear it again and again when I'll have tested all my untrieds, or I'll use it for stamping, since it's so opaque ;D


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