Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Catrice - Sand Francisco + stickers

When I bought this polish I was there for another reason: a limited edition that I didn't found (of course XD), so I bought this one from the basic collection, just because I didn't own something similar. Surprisingly it was a good purchase!

This polish was recently released when Catrice made few modifications to the permanent collection. I wasn't interested in this shade in the first time, I'm not a big fan of shimmer gold, because I think this type of color and finish suits better for skin tones darker than mine. Photos above show that I was wrong, but I still wouldn't advice this polish to girls with a pale pinkish skin-type... The result could be sloppy: thumbs up for discretion and elegance, but dare a bit, come on!
The quality is medium: the formula is a bit thick since the second coat and you'll probably need for a third coat  to fix imperfections, with the risk to create a too high final layer. Be careful with application! If you are, you'll be in front of a beautiful view: where the light meets the polish, you'll see a brilliant shimmer reminds me a golden porcelain. Enchanting.
Sorry, but I must to say another "I don't remember where I bought them for" ;P


  1. Il Sand Francisco è l'unico oro che mi sta bene, e io sono tra quelle con la pelle color cencio! Quindi se piace l'oro, secondo me è l'unico che va bene anche per le pallide!

  2. Ma che bello questo smalto!! Mi piace sìsì! Magari lo cerco al prossimo giro!

  3. Ehm. Stavolta passo!! Anche se ho qualche dorato nella mia collezione credo non me ne servano altri (pelle pallido giallina :-<). A te sta bene però!


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