Sunday, 27 November 2011


I took advantage from this amazing promotion: minimum of €12.00 of purchase + free shipping + mystery box € 12.00 of value. Great deal!

What I bought:
1) Studio Kabuki Brush - it works very well but it's lost a lot of hair, but just the first time I've used it, so I think we'll be good friends for the future
2) Mineral Foundation in Light - after 3 days it seems a great product, my skin thanks a lot
3) Mineral Eyeshadow Primer - velvety and delicate: very good!
4) Studio Complete Coverage Concealer in Medium - 3 of 4 colors are too similar to each others and they are not very covering, but it works very well over no-serious imperfections. It's easier to work with if you use your fingers, but the brush in the palette is a very good brush for other uses. I need more time before a fair judgement

My Mystery Box:
1) Mineral Bamboo Powder Brush - oh wow... so soft... I want to push my cheek all the day with it *_*
2) Nail Polish in Twinkle - a glitter multicolor top coat with delicate colors
3) & 4) Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil in Boldly Bronzed - yes, I received 2 of them! XD by the way, no problems at all: I'll swap the second one with a friend of mine or it'll be a gift, because it's a very pretty shade. I think it's better as pencil eye than eyeliner, because it's easy to work with

How I could resist in front of a big basket full of polishes mixed together as a peanut exhibitor at the supermarket with a sign 1x€1.50 or 3x€3.00? Am I crazy? Yes, I know... But not for this reason... Soooo I dipped my hands into it as a little girl with a basket of candies and I bought these 5 polishes for me and few more for my friends. Surprise: they are B4F and no bad at all! Search for a store near to you on the "Sirene Blu" official site. I don't know another chain of stores when I could find them, sorry.
40 - BORDEAUX PERLATO - shimmered dark red
42 - VERDE SCURO PERLATO - shimmered dark forest green
77 - MARRONE PERLATO - metallic-almost-a-frost greysh taupe
73 - VERDE CHIARO GLITTER - foiled light green apple
71 - AZZURRO GLITTER - foiled very light silvery blue
Next 2 polishes are a gift from my cousin, who can't resist to cute bottles! :D The first one has a design surely inspired from the British brand Ciaté and the second one reminds to the limited editions of the German brand Catrice. By the way, 2 very preeeetty polishes! Thank you Baby! <3
Going to the Opera - a creamy lacquered pure red
- Blue Wave - effect topcoat with blue sky and pink microglitters
Next couple of polishes were sent to me by one of my polish-buddies, Daniela! ;D 
- China Glaze - Ghoulish Glow: this is a gift from my friend, who knew about my passion for it. I wore it few days ago and my cat has played with my hands for hours (in the night, of course!!!) XD I'm thinking about painting some xmas decoration with it, what do you think about it? ;D
- A-England - Camelot: me and my friend took advantage by a promotion and I bought this black cream. I think cremes are very hard to choose. Glitters, holos, duochromes, etc... They are gorgeous but their special effect can easily hides lacks of formula: cremes have to be perfect or the result on your nails will be a disaster, so I'm always very careful about which creme to buy and which don't: bases are important, ever, for every things in your life. This one is amazing, the perfect black base. Adviced! ;D
Next bunch of polishes are not mine: I bought from a very kind Korean eBay seller, Ruby Ruby Shop, who has a lovely catalogue of make-ups, stationery, jewelry, wall decals, skincare items and nail polishes, for a fair price and free shipping. I was searching for a wall sticker for my entrance and some cheap ideas for xmas gifts, then I discovered she also had polishes, and Daniela e Barbara bought a few of them, so, this is the reason I have them to my place even they aren't mines. I'll swatch them on false tips before they will go to their real owners, so they will be useful for future comparisons. ;)
If you're interested in purchase, Ruby Ruby Shop sells these Korean brands: Missha, Etude House, Skin Food, Laneige, Tony Moly, Innisfree and few more.
- Missha - HGR01: amazing, isn't it? I'm speechless since the first time I've seen it, and I'm still with no words any time I look at it. I think it's pretty close to new Model's Own - Beetlejuice Collection - Golden Green, don't you think?
I didn't swatched them, yet, so I can't talk about their quality
- Etude House - LUCIDarling - Shimmering #3 beige brown
- Etude House - LUCIDarling - Shimmering #5 garnet red
- Etude House - LUCIDarling - Glittering #5 tender mint
- Etude House - LUCIDarling - Shimmering #1 satin purple
There are a lot more polishes I would to show you next Sunday. Since I never did a haul post, I would to show all I received as gift and bought by me during last 2/3 months: there also are a lot of [b]Basic (but most of them are for a future giveaway ;D), my Unicorn Puke from Cult Nails, 2 Kikos, 1 Ever, 1 Basic Beauty by Limoni, 1 Astra and... 4 Tony Molys from the crazy Galaxy collection! *__*

Pee Before Polish: Zoya Ivanka 
one of my lemmings <3
Scrangie: Color Club - Backstage Pass Collection
usually Color Club releases great items, but... This one...? CC, what's happened? ç__ç
- The Polish Aholic: Zoya - Feel Collection
I read different opinions about formula of this collection, but the dusty pastel shades are a must-have
- Nihrida: Essence - True Love + Essence - The dawn is broken
I'm waiting for the grey one from a friend of mine bought it for me and I can't wait to try my asphalt polish *__* The burgundy one: yummy!
- Mai Senza Smalto: [b] Basic - Earth Style Life + New York limited editions
[b]basic is the brand of Schlecker drugstores and this time is even better than usual, especially for the ESL collection, almost one coat polishes. Incredible! I want to swatch all of them as soon as my nails re-grow. *^__^*
- Light Your Nails: Essence - All Access
one of my favourite greens!
- The Beauty Case: TWIN Colour - Smurf Blue to Purple
I want to smurf myself! XD
- Temptalia: MAC for Gareth Pugh - Ascension
Oh.My.God. I think it's very close to an Essence polish in a past TE, Holoberry or something... Don't you think?
- Let Them Have Polish - Nicole by OPI - Kardashian collection
in love with the teal one and the white one *__*
- Gems in a Bottle: Polka Dots
- Nailside: Striped mani  
- Wacky Laki: Missoni Style Stamping + Plaid Pattern - chapeau lady, chapeau... 
- A Day in the Life of Dollface: Pokemon nail art 
- Copy That, Copy Cat: Up! The Movie nail art - no words :O
- The Polished Perfectionist: Subtle lilac combination for stamping 
- The Posh Polish: Glittery Grey Gradient French 
- Emerald Sparkled: Galaxy Nails - I love galaxy nails but I can't do this, so I'm envious and admired at the same time ;)
- The Trace Face Philes: Hippie Nails
- Nails by Kayla Shevonne: Stripes & Stars
- Nailasaurus: Pac-Man nail art
- NailXChange: Purple optical stamping 
- Vitious & Delicious: Neve Make-Up - palette Elegantissimi preview
- Pee Before Polish: Ann Summers lingerie

- I MUST to stop to drink my tea too soon and burn my tongue and then I can't taste the food for 3 days... It's a vicious circle... @__@
- My nails are broken again, yay! XD


  1. Oooooh! Sembra anche a me che il MAC somigli taaaanto all'Holoberry! *____* Scommetto che anche questo è di non facile reperibilità (e prezzo elevato) ç___ç

  2. uuuh il China Glaze Ghoulish Glow è nella mia wishlist!!! XD


  3. Forse dovrei considerare anche io la possibilità di comprare il nero perfetto della A England. Insieme al rosso perfetto *__* Mi piace questo post random, non vedo l'ora di vederne altri! XD

  4. Allora mò non c'ho modo di scriverti tutto quello che vorrei, sto guardando il Gran Premio di F1 (poi è l'ultimo della stagione), ma intanto ti dico che questo post è UNA FIGATA ASSURDAAAAAAAAAAAA! ;)

  5. Wow... in questo post ci sono tante cose belle =) Anche io voglio lo smalto che si illumina al buio =Q____ troppo figo!!!

  6. Argh ho troppissime cose da scrivere, vado per punti:

    - gli smaltini Cresy sono fighissimi, non li avevo mai filati di striscio, forse perché alla Coop tengono dei colori deprimentissimi e prezzi alti (quasi 4 euro l'uno, se non erro);
    - bellissima la confezione simil-Ciaté di H&M, la trovo molto sfiziosa ed elegante, potrei passare sopra al fatto che mi sminchierebbe l'ordine dell'Helmer! :D
    - quei Lucidarling sembrano altresì molto phaighi, soprattutto il viola e il menta, e che belle confezioni!
    - gli smalti MAC della Gareth Pugh o come azz si scrive hanno un packaging ASSURDO da quant'è bello, ma i colori non mi sembrano abbastanza particolari da giustificare minimo minimo un prezzo di €25 (se in US costano 23$, non mi aspetto meno di quella cifra in Italia!)
    - grazie per avermi citata ben due volte! Smuaaaack! :*

  7. Bello questo post misto! I Chresy li ho trovati anch'io nel cestone (quando sono andata alle Sirene Blu di S.Giovanni per il Layla): ne avevo presi due poi ho visto il 3x3€ e ho dovuto prenderne ancora uno!! Ho scelto il 42 e poi due che non hanno il numero scritto chiaramente (viola e blu), sono rimasta stupita dalla scritta 4Free, per quel prezzo!
    Le boccette dei Lucidarling sono stupende, aspetto gli swatches!
    Grazie per la citazione, amica di [b] Basic!

  8. Ma che figo il Chresy verde (42), spero che sia uno di quelli che hai preso anche per me *_*
    Grazie per la citazione anche da parte mia e... aspetto ancora il pacco ELF!

  9. Causa notte in bianco con stomaco ed esofagite, vi rispondo tuttinsieme ^^
    @dany: yes a tutti e due i quesiti :P
    @esose: per la gioia dei vostri gatti, yay! XD
    @ere: stasera l'ho provato ed è ottimo, c'è solo da vedere se regge bene dopol'apertura della boccetta ;)
    @cupcake: mi sta venendo la malsana idea di dipingerci i bordi dei mobili ahahahahahah
    @cri: ravana nel cesto chresy, in mezzo alla tristessa c'è qualche perla di colore; swatchati stasera i lucidarling, un po' sheer, eh... però il finale è caruccissimo *_*
    @aly: forse prossima settimana posto gli swatches, ma solo su unghia finta, le mie vere sono inesistenti -__-
    @simo: cerrrrrto che c'è il 42 per te e stasera l'ho swatchato su unghia finta e cazzarola se è bello!!! da solo 3 coats, sennò ci metti una base verde e lo layeri ;D


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