Monday, 21 November 2011

Catrice - Yes, You Tan! + stickers

As always Catrice Limited Editions are a lottery for me, because the mall where I find this brand is pretty far from my place, and I usually find everything of permanent collection, but the LEs... They come late and with a small amount of items, so I need to ask to buy them for me to my friends who live in other areas of Italy, sometimes. This polish is one of them, and the only one I was in love with from the Bohemia Limited Edition. Daniela, sorry for disturbing you again! ç__ç

Outdoor (just to see all the reflections into the shimmer!)
This polish deserves an applause! All together, now!!! *clapclapclap* Seriously... I like colors that look like.. Ehr... THAT brown thing, you know... But, when I wore YYT I was sincerely suprised from its amazing quality: it's extremely easy to work with, because of its brush and the formula. Really, a very good product. The color isn't just a common yellowish brown, but it has a subtle golden shimmer in the bottle that's much more evident on nails and richer of reflections than what I thought.
Then, two weeks later, I've seen the Dior display with the last limited edition, Le Rouge Or. My eyes were catched from a nail polish called Exquis. I didn't know if I had hallucinations or whatever, but the Dior one seemed VERY close to the Catrice shade to me, so I've swatched the Exquis on a piece of scotch tape and I've checked the differences when I got home. Yes, they are VERY close to each other, but the Catrice one has even a better formula!!! I think you won't need of both. In my case, my Catrice is enough, and no regrets! ;)
I don't know the brand of these decals: a friend of mine gave this gift to me but I know she bought them from Mary Nail Shop. Thank you Tammy! *^__^*


  1. Bello!! Ce l'ho anch'io e sono rimasta proprio colpita dalla pigmentazione :D e dalla super stesura! Mannaggia alla Catrice che non viene distribuita negli OVS, io al famigerato CittàFiera non vado quasi mai.

  2. Ma figurati, è un piacere accaparrare Catrice anche per te! Quando vuoi, io ci sono :-)

    Commento più terra-terra: caghello? Yes, you tan! XD

  3. Ma poi... Forse ancora più che il Dior Exquis, non somiglia tanto anche al Nubar CHocolate Caramel? Che dite, posso toglierlo dalla mia wishlist? Sono abbastanza simili? ;D

  4. Nonostante il color caghetto che a me non attira molto XD la mani con quei decal è davvero di classe!! *__*

  5. Appena "unghioneggio" i Catrice lo paragono al Chocolate caramel e ti fo sapere ;-) Comunque se non son simili, poco ci manca (miseriaccia XD)

  6. Lately, I've been hauling brown shades. There's something about them that makes them attractive. I love this shade ... and its name! :)

  7. Browns are love! *__*
    I think they are the more classy colors, and fit perfectly with our olive skintone ;)
    I'm saying "OUR" because, when I was a little girl, people thought I was South-East-Asia half-blood for my total black hair, yellowish and dark skin (now I'm 35 and my skin is a lot lighter but still yellow/greenish :P) and thick eyelashes that make my eyes a bit almond-shape. ^__^
    The only thing that screw me is my huge potato noise! aahahahahahah :D
    By the way, for this reason I have few difficulties to find colors suit on me in my country, because the most of women have delicate and sensitive porcelain skins in the North, and a very dark skintone in the South of Italy... I have nothing to do with these kind of types. -__-


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