Saturday, 17 December 2011

China Glaze - Bogie + stickers

This is a polish bought on 8ty8Beauty few months ago from an order made with 3 friends of mine, but I received my part just a couple of weeks ago. Pics I saw on internet didn't catch my attention so much, but I instantly fell in love when I've seen it "in person". So, if you are fighting with yourself about this shade: BUY IT! :D

I can't find on Google any post about a comparison with NARS - Tokaido Express. Am I the only one in the world who thinks they are almost dupes or close to each other, at least? *sigh* Let's go to the polish! I have just fabulous words for Bogie: flawless application, long duration (4 days for the first chipping) and a color classy but no classic, an eggplant base with a hint of gold and red and blue tiny shimmer. I think this fits with the most of skintones, too. Sorry, I haven't much to say, images speak by themselves, and this nail polish became one of my favorite of ever in a second.
I don't know the brand of these stickers, actually I don't know the brand of none of my stickers, because I cut them to storage them into plastic boxes and I always throw away the packaging... :P Anyway, I'm sure to have bought these ones from Nail Design Euro Discount, a great German store.
Speaking about these particular decals: they are maybe my favorite (and I really own a lot of nail decals! XD), because they are long lasting, soft, easy to work with, and beautiful, soooo beautiful.


  1. Beeeeeellooooo! *___* il ritorno di Gnoma, la satanessa tentatrice ;-)

  2. I love this color on you! I don't have the Nars, but agree with the eggplant similarity. The stickers are too cute!

  3. @dany: purtroppo sto finendo di mostrare i miei acquisti degli ultimi mesi, diventerò meno satana XD

    @gothampolish: sometimes I forget how much China Glaze need more and more love, than my friend Angels goes to USA and my memory returns stronger than before! :D the stickers are bindies, but I've cut them vertically and applied half of them on any nail! *__*

  4. Bellissimo, sembra quasi metallico :) Per ora mi devo dare una calmata, oggi ho ritirato il pacchetto di Transdesign (mi era arrivato un avviso di giacenza come "riviste estere") e dopo un mese e mezzo non ricordavo neanche cosa avevo ordinato! Comunque i CG sono stupendi davvero, io li amerei tanto, se fossero meno difficili da avere!

  5. L'ho già detto e lo ribadisco, secondo me questo smalto è maggggico! Mi piace moltissimo anche come hai applicato gli stickerini. :)


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