Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Cult Nails - Unicorn Puke + A-England - Camelot

Sorry sorry sorry (no, I'm not singing the SuJu hit! Sorry sorry sorry sorry - naega naega naega - meonjeo nege nege nege - ppajyeo ppajyeo ppajyeo beoryeo baby - don don don dodon dooo do dondon! X°D). Stop me please!!! When I've tried this polish, my nails were short and with a very bad shape: they are horrible, but I wanted to try soooo much these 2 polishes and I did it anyway. You can find swatches of Unicorn Puke alone everywhere: in my blog you'll find just a layering over a black base, with the purpose to offer you something different. Hope you can appreciate that. :)

I took advantage by a promotion and I decided to buy an A-England polish, but I didn't have much money, so I had to decide just for one shade. Which one? This black creme! I know A-England has so amazing polishes in its collection, Tristam or Lady of the Lake, for example. Why I bought just a simple black creme? Glitters, holos, duochromes, etc. are gorgeous finishes, but their special effects can easily hide lacks of formula: cremes have to be perfect, otherwise the result on your nails will be a disaster. For this reason I'm always very careful about which creme worths a purchase: bases are important, ever, for every things in your life, nails are not an exception. I wanted to try the great quality of this brand with a base polish, especially the black, the most useful color base, and I'm not disappointed at all: Camelot is flawless, just flawless. I need more time to see how the polish in the bottle will react after being opened, but I have big expectations for it. ^__^
I bought this polish because it's so damned cute! I decided to wait for Clairvoyant (the identical polish on the permanent collection) but I was online exactly when Cult Nails posted on twitter the beginning of the limited sale, and I had received money on my rechargeable credit card right the evening before, so... Why not?
This polish alone is a bit close to Nfu.Oh - 51, but the flakies are more colored than it, and you can see better all the colors over a black base. It's a kind of Carnival on your nails, don't you think? This combo make me cheers, it's something powerful and joyful, very very different if you apply alone this Unicorn Puke (or Clairvoyant, it's the same), that's more delicate and purple-centric. I think this polish it's a little work of art... Mmmmh... No, they are TWO works of art, one sweet (alone) and one strong (layered): two masterpieces in just one bottle. *^__^*


  1. certo che Unicorn Puke è un vero spettacolo !!!!! Con la base nera poi, risalta ancora di più! Bello Bello ;)

  2. Oddio che meraviglia :D Sul nero fa proprio un figurone lo Unicorn Puke!

  3. Muoiooooo...Se non mi arriva presto il vomitino! Stupendo!!
    Hai ragione sul principio generale che se mancano "le basi" è un casino :-) Io che non sono così saggia ovviamente da A-England ho comprato Tristam&Lady of the Lake (posso fare da esempio)!

  4. I LOVE Unicorn Puke and need to get a bottle myself soon! It looks phantastic on your nails - so gorgeous! :)

    Best regards!

  5. Ma è uno spettacolo! Sembra molto più bello del Nfu-oh, mio umile parere. Spero che presto si possa acquistare da qualche sito europeo.

  6. @terry + elsa: è tanto bello, sì <3

    @alice: ma dai! hai preso quei due? scusa manco a farlo apposta!XD cmq io avevo solo 2 neri, un kiko 275 incrostato da secoli e un essence della te black & white fantastico ma piuttosto VISCOSO XD quindi un nero mi serviva per forza ;)

    @ninea: I hope you'll get it as soon as possible *__*

    @labisbetica: prova a chiedere in questo sito olandese, tengono i cult nails ;) http://www.boozyshop.nl/cultnails-m-79.html

  7. Bellissimo, davvero! Sulla base nera poi è uno spettacolo! Ottimi smalti entrambi, ho le bave :Q_

  8. Beautiful I have Camelot too and it is perfect as are all the a-englands, I really want to get Clairvoyant too! :-)

  9. @ere: dai che prima o poi recupero le boccine piccole per splittare la seconda bottiglietta ;D

    @fab fingertips: you deserve it!!! I've seen your blog and your nails are so... wow! they need for clairvoyant, totally! ;D

  10. Peccato che da Boozy abbiano così pochi Cult Nails, il prezzo mi sembra molto interessante (10$ che diventano 9.95€ e senza la manetta di spedizioni oltreoceano, dogana e pippe varie è un mezzo miracolo).

    In ogni caso... Ora mi ucciderete... A me UP piace, ma non fa impazzire. Ecco, l'ho detto, prendetemi a pomodorate come Oscar Giannino. :D

  11. Nuuuuoooooo! Non ti uccido perchè sono troppo pigra perfino per quello, però... E insomma, signorina, da lei non me la sarei mai aspettata! ahahahaha :D


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