Sunday, 19 August 2012


Usually I don't thrust to order from American webstores, because the Italian custom fees and frequently missing packages... But I was totally in love with a polish quite hard to find, and I tried anyway as soon as I've seen the sales. A friend of mine and my cousin added something for them, so this haul pics are not entirely mine.
- Milani - One Coat Glitter collection: I already own 4 of them, but my cousin was crazy for them since I made her this scotch tape mani and her life couldn't keep going without them! :D
- L.A. Girl - Rock Star collection: for my friend Daniela, who has chosen a lovely selection from this lovely collection *_*
- L.A. Girl - Rock Star - Addict: such a wonderful mix of gold and orange and red sparkles into this bottle, charming!
- L.A. Girl - Rock Star - Punk: an amazing bright and deep blue with tons of sparkle and a hint of purple.
- L.A. Girl - Rock Star - Groupie: the opposite of the nail polish above, an amazing bright and deep purple with tons of sparkle and a hint of blue. ;P
- NYX - Girls Nail Polish - Emerald Forest: another purchase for Dany. I already own this polish and I totally love it, it sparkles insanely! :D I' ve already swatched it HERE!
- LASplash - Midnight Rain: finally my lemming!!! Since the first time I've seen it from Alizarine Claws I fell in love with it, but it was always out of stock. As soon as I could... Mine mine mine mine!!! I've already wore it three times and I'll post the swatches very soon! This is my only experience with LASplash nail polishes, do you know this brand better than me? What's the quality of other polishes from this brand? Please, let me know! :)
That's all for this week. See ya! ^__^/

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  1. Quanto son belli i miei smaltini ammmmmericani! *____* I Rockstar son spaziali!


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