Monday, 20 August 2012

BeYu - 209 Brilliant Shiraz + Firewind - Velvet Navy + Comparison VS Max Factor - Fantasy Fire

This layering is made with one of the tons of "dupes" of the famous Clarins - 230 over a dark blue base. Mine is from BeYu and was gifted to me by my friend Daniela. Pics show my hands under different lights with different reactions of this amazing polish, but all of them are very real about what you can see when you wear it, except for the sparkle, in real it is totally crazy!!!!
Lovely combo, don't you think? 

This polish come from a brand I've found on Schlecker stores in a collection made of matte and satin finishes. Actually the color (a very dark and dusty blue) is pretty and the hidden shimmer is interesting (if you use a top coat you can see it, of course, despite it dries satin), but application is nothing special and seems very boring on my nails, so I used it as base for layerings.

Ahw! This polish is something... Ahw!!! If you wear it alone is a sheer red jelly with a insanely ammount of microsparkles that go on yellow and green if you see it from the side (but the duochrome effect is not so noticeable as other polishes of this type, and it's more evident in the shadow than in the full light). If you wear it over a dark blue base (like me in this post) you'll obtain a shimmer version of Nfu.Oh - 51; then, if you wear it over a black base, you'll see a crazy red sparkle that you can't stop to stare at all day long. I swear it. Pics show the real color, but I couldn't catch the real sparkling, it's really really really... SPARKLING!

BeYu - Brilliant Shiraz VS Max Factor - Fantasy Fire
As you can see, they are not dupes at all. The most obvious difference is when you wear them alone, but they are slightly different over a black base: BeYu has much more red particles than Max factor, but MF has a lot more duochrome effect than its cousin. You can see it better in the second pic. In case you wear them over a dark blue base they are dupes, just in that case! :)
What could I say more? If you prefer the sparkle, absolutely you should to buy the BeYu; if you are searching for the duochrome effect more than everything else, catch up the Max Factor with no doubts. But both is the best choice, by my point of view. :P


  1. oh my goodness so much pretty on one page!!!

  2. Sei tornata proprio alla grande! :D
    Aspettavamo con ansia questa comparison (io, almeno)

  3. Ecco mi hai tolto un dubbio atroce: non è un problema se li ho tutti e due!! :D Adoro i tuoi super professionali swatch su bastoncino!

  4. @gotham: Y.E.S.! :D

    @dany: sono già in modalità pigrizia argh devo sistemare foto per la prossima settimana :P

    @aly: più che professionali sono utilissimi per non dimenticare qualche mio figliolo, avendoli tutti lì in bella vista :D poi c'è la mia amica dany che ha commentato qui che mi manda anche swatches dei suoi che io non ho così potrò fare comparison in futuro ;D appena smaltisco tutte le foto che ho in hard disk diventerà una rubrica fissa sia la comparison che swatches di makeup :D


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