Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Pupa - 035 Holographic Violet

This summer is totally the most holo season ever! Even the most traditional brands tried to release holos, also Italian brands, finally! Kiko, Layla, Astra and Pupa did the best collections by my point of view: 
1) KIKO released 4 scattered shades within Lavish Oriental limited edition. € 4.90 each and I advice the beige/taupe (taken, of course!), that's very classy and matches very well with different type of skintones 
2) LAYLA launched 16 linear holos called Hologram Effect Nail Polish that already are a must have for every holo fan in the world. By the way, they are too expensive by my point of view (from € 8 to € 12 each!) and I passed on these, but I have to admit that they are top level holos, maybe even better than  "good old" Nfu.Oh ones
3) ASTRA is a very cheap brand you can often find in chinese markets, and surprised me with 8 holo microglitters a-a-z-i-n-g: super pigmented and a super long lasting formula in the Holo Lacquer collection. I couldn't resist to four of them (the teal, the violet, the grass green and the fabulous blue) and I can't decide which one is better ("maybe" the FABULOUS blue? XD). Their price is € 4 each 
4) PUPA also proposed 8 colors of new polishes called Holographic Nail Polish collection that's in a half way between linear and scattered holos. Usually I'm not crazy for Pupa polishes: most of them are one coater and the duration is infinite, but they dry very fast in their bottles and they cost almost € 5 for 5 ml... By the way they were on 3x2 special promotion for 2 months (June and July) so I succumbed to temptation with pleasure, and I'm not disappointed at all! Four holos for me (lilac, pale red, turquoise/blue and a delicate green) and I'm going to swatch all of them, because they are really amazing and I want to share with you my delight about having them! :D

What can I say about this beauty that you can't see with your own eyes in the pics above? I've chosen this one because it's not very pinkish and it's quite delicate on nails, but still decise. The holo effect is the best of the 4 shades I bought. Application is flawless: you may not even have need of a smooth base coat and surely you have no need of a top coat neither, because it may reduce the holo effect, and the polish will last a lot of days even alone. Great formula!!! Strange fact: all Pupa holos have the best holo effect under artificial light than sunlight! So they are perfect for the winter season!!!!!!


  1. io ho su il mio shaka <3 effetto divino dalla prima passata. con due è perfetto. tende a rovinarsi un punta dopo 3 gg ma ancora regge MIRACOLO. sono innamorata. li prenderò tutti....

  2. Ci piace! Anche se questo colore non l'ho preso... ;-)

  3. @mal§: io gli holo shaka ancora non li ho visti "di persona" ç_ç ma devo dire che ormai ho holo di varie marche e riempio il range di colori che mi piacciono di più senza avere doppioni, quindi pasienza (ma appena li trovo... MUAHUAMUAHA XD)

    @cupcake: tanto tanto bello!!! e proprioa dessos to preparando il prossimo post per un altro holo pupa, venerdì 11 ci metto il numero 035, denim blue ;D

    @dany: beh ma gli astra han compensato benone ;D

    NOTIZIA DI SERVIZIO: ho dovuto cambiare il titolo del post perchè avevo copiato il nome dello smalto da qui dicendomi ERRONEAMENTE che questo era il LILAC; invece, dal sito ufficiale, qui lo chiama VIOLET, quindi ho messo il violet.

  4. ho messo su il violet shaka e sembra identico a questo! nel caso tu lo trovassi non prenderlo che ti ritroveresti un dupe. ma quanto sono belli???? la mia nuova droga! bacio stella.

  5. Più Shaka per tutte! :DDDD

  6. Bellissimo *.* nuova follower, se ti va passa da me :-*

  7. @malù: grazie dell'avvertimento! a parte che di holo sono a posto, ne aspetto ancora 3 dal brasile e poi direi che ci siamo, a meno di colori originalissimi, tipo un bel cioccolato holo *__*

    @dany: basta che arrivino! :D

    @littlefairy: benvenuta!!! Mi segno il tuo blog e domani lo gironzolo ;D


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