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Kiko - Blooming Origami - Sheer & Creamy Lipstick Duos + Eyeshadow Palettes

My first makeup post only for makeup! Scared... Why? I'm a total newbie about makeup: I was a spartan teenager not so interested into "things for female", and when I grew up I worked a lot and absolutely my time in the morning was for sleeping as much as I could, not for painting my face, not at all. But... Last two years are quite strange to me, because my sucking health, so... Free time... No physical efforts... Need to see me a bit healthy... Time goes by and It's time to ask for a help... So... Why not? ;)
Actually this "therapy" is working quite well: I'm learning to improve my look with poor things; it's funny searching for perfect products for me spending as less as I can; and I can pour out my love for arts, finishes and colors, reflections, packagings, customization, bricolage, and so on.
Let's end this boring speech (before you fall asleep) with a few disclaimers: I don't claim to teach anything (because I know nothing, like Jon Snow); I don't own many things (and I'm not going to be a makeup hoarder!) so I could be a bad reviewer; just... Hope you may see my love for these little things that I really wished and I really use (not just to collecting them) and I really love. :)

Let's start with my four items from a recent KIKO limited edition, the Blooming Origami collection. You can find them on sale in KIKO stores these weeks, so I thought it could be useful a fast review before they go discontinued. ;)

This items are lip pencil duos with a part of lipstick and the other part of lipgloss. I've chosen a cool rich red and a more discreet warm plum, and I passed on other shades because they were too orangey to me or not enough pigmented or boh! Full price was € 8.90 each and now is € 3,00 each on sale. 

"True Red" is the perfect name for this lipstick, and it's really a lipstick: a creamy, opaque, durable, crazy cool red (full of red!!!), lipstick! The gloss part is still a cool shade, not so sheer and not sticky at all. Together the gloss doesn't change the tone of the first one, just it adds a subtle luster. Duration won't be altered at all, and the duration of this lipstick is something the physics can't explain: I put on my lips the lipstick part. Ok. I ate and a lot of color moved on my fork. Damn. I drank and a lot of color moved on my glass. Sigh. Came back to home hours later. Went in my bathroom. A mirror. And my lips were perfect as I've just applied the lipstick. Magic? A+ for this duo!

This one has a warmer shade than the previous one. The lipstick half is more creamy and moisturizing, but a bit less pigmented and opaque than the number 04, but still rich and with a great formula. Duration is more than decent, but impossible to reach the 04 level (magic is not for everyone). The gloss part has the same color and it's wonderful on lips, like ripe cherries. Wearing them together is not necessary; they won't add nothing more, since the lipstick is enough shiny alone. By the way, cute both!

The packaging of these palettes is something I love very much. Classy but still peculiar, I really think they are gorgeous and I'll surly use the boxes for other things as soon as I'll finish the products. In the beginning I was in doubt because colors haven't got separate pots, and I thought they could accidentally be mixed. At the end, nothing of this is happened, and I've used these palettes a lot. Full price was € 12.90 each and now is € 6,40 each on sale. Keep an eye on KIKO stores for them!

This palette is weird, I'm aware of it... And colors don't match so well, not all of them, at least... By the way, I've chosen it for a simple reason: there are colors I don't own! I didn't wear them together so far, but I wore it very often separately, combined to other colors from other palettes. 
BABY PINK and LILAC are mattes, quite sheer and don't love so much brushes, so it's better applying them with your finger. These 2 colors are quite shy and don't show themselves on all skintones, so you'll need to try them before deciding if they love you or not. The wonderful ACID GREEN is a very pigmented and bright satin, definitely the star of this palette! TURQUOISE is also satin and well pigmented but it doesn't match so well with my skin, maybe I'm too yellowish... The glitter CHARCOAL is delicate, semi-opaque but applies evenly, very good for blending a darker shade. 
All of them are a bit chalky, tend to some fall out, but not so much to giving you problems of application. I'm satisfied from this palette. Actually I wouldn't have bought it for the full price, but I'm very happy for sales! ;P
One more pic swatched on primer to pull out the brightness of these colors! How much amazing is that frakkin green?!?!?!? So beautiful... *___*
If you have some doubts about colors from this palette, there's a very useful and gorgeous tutorial on Mr Daniel Makeup youtube channel! Take a look to this video and enjoy it! Actually take a look to the entire channel of Daniele Lo Russo, it's one of my favorite channels! ;D

Ahw! My love for this palette is huge. First time I've seen it I felt a little bit... Mmmh... Boh... Beh... Bah... Next time I had more time and patience and there were less people in the store, so I could dipping my fingers with a lot more delight and I had to admit that this pinkish palette was a little treasure. It's a passe-partout and you could even use it for all your face. How? 
The CREAM color is a matte, perfect as base or highlight: you can't see it well from my pic because it's almost the same color of my arm skin, but it's very pigmented and silky, I swear. The CHAMPAGNE has a delicate shimmer finish wearable alone for a nude look or combined to other colors for a more complex effect. The PINK/FUCHSIA has fine glitters into it, but they are not visible on lids, by the way the color is bright and super pigmented, and it's also easily blendable, so you may use it as blush with no problems. The PLUM is my favorite, you'll need for just a minimum amount of it, amazing! And I'd like to try it with lip balm to create a lipgloss... The last one is a matte warm MILK CHOCOLATE BROWN that I use for my eyebrows most of times. You can really use this palette for aaaaaall your face!!!
Nothing more to say about it: if you find it on sale these weeks, give it a chance, please! I guess this one worths the full price of € 12,90, but for € 6,40... It's a great deal! I own this palette for a month and a half, more or less, click here to see how much I've already used it!!! :D

An EOTD made with the berry palette and an... Embarassing (at least!) FOTD with the lipstick duo 04.
I'm sorry. I'm REALLY sorry. REALLY.


  1. Le tue recensioni son sempre ottime e le foto sono semplicemente TROPPPPAAROBBBBA!

  2. Brrrrrravissssima! ;-)

  3. I colori della prima palette mi piacciono molto!
    Vogliamo anche altri post-makeup! ;)

  4. screanzata, ti fai le foto con le labbra messe in modo simpatico e non a buco de chiul de galin, non ti vergogni?? xD bellissimo makeup. molto elegante. le labbra rosse ci stanno benissimo. ti dirò, di questa collezione mi ispirava poco tutto, ma hai saputo tirare fuori un look gioiellino.

  5. Visto che il mio layout ciospo non mi dà la possibilità di rispondere singolarmente, vado di orgia-reply!

    @danybionda: grassieeee! però... farsi viva a cervi? ;D

    @angeluzzola: la vergogna che ho per questo post tu non la immagini X°D

    @danycastana: crrrudele, tu stai ghignando, lo so! XD

    @mymakeupbox: spero di fare un post a settimana di makeup, ho diverse palettine sleek, 3 palettine wet'n'wild, una mua... non ho tanta roba nel beauty, ma ce la posso fare! ;D

    @malù: tu... TUUUUU!!!!!! non so se ringraziarti o maledirti, ma perchè scegliere? Un bacionissimo! ;D

  6. Dimenticavo! Il prossimo post probabilmente saranno 4 water eyeshadow della kiko, e forse cugina mi presta foto anche dei suoi 3! ;D


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