Sunday, 2 September 2012


Huge post! Actually I don't buy so many things, and most of them are very cheap, or from swaps, or gifts, or taken on sale... But some shopping is needful to make you feel better, and Essence helps you a lot in this, saving your wallet at the same time! All next items are picked up during the past 6 months! 

- ESSENCE - CIRCUS CIRCUS TE - 03 APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE!: a polish buddy of mine, Cristina from Pee Before Polish blog, tried this polish as soon as it has been released and swatched in this post, and she was so enthusiastic that I searched for it, but Essence displays were all plundered... ç__ç Another polish buddy, Simona from Light your Nails! found it and sent to me, yay! I was searching for a red creme with high quality since a life, and I've found it, at last!!! I've worn it twice but no made pics, yet... -__-
- ESSENCE - NAIL COLOUR 3 - 06 TICKET TO THE SHOW: I wasn't going to buy it, actually, because it looked like another polish from Vampire's Love collection I own, but it doesn't: it has multicolored microglitter inside of it and I fell in love with it, shame on me... :P
These four polishes come from the new permanent collection Nail Colour 3 and they were sent to me by my friend Francesca from The Beauty Case blog as a swap between us, and they are ALL beautiful, really. Essence did a great job with this collection, I advice them with no doubt.
- ESSENCE - NAIL COLOUR 3 - 04 A WALK IN THE PARK: a grass green with subtle turquoise shimmer +  pastel green and light blue microflakies, a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Already swatched but no photos, sorry. 
- ESSENCE - NAIL COLOUR 3 - 01 MIDNIGHT DATE: a shimmer dark blue + jelly blue base green/blue duochrome flakies. A must have. Actually not for me that "shimmer dark blue" is something doesn't miss in my stash at all... And those flakies are quite similar to an Nfu.Oh I own. Shame on me again! ^__^;
- ESSENCE - NAIL COLOUR 3 - 03 KISS ON TOP OF THE ROCK: another real red creme + transparent top coat with orangey opalescent reflection and yellow shimmer. No tried yet, but curious about it!
- ESSENCE - NAIL COLOUR 3 - 05 BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN: dusty dark mauve creme + pink and turquoise shimmer effect. I love it! Already tried it and maybe I already own a top coat like this from H&M, a gift from my cousin. Sigh, I hate having dupes. >_< *SWATCHES SOON*
- ESSENCE - SEASON OF EXTREMES TE - 01 IT'S TWO BRIGHT: luckily I found this trend edition very soon and picked up two duos. Creme + effect don't match so well, but they are great alone. This creme is a wonderful colour, I'm sad because camera doesn't catch it as beautiful as it is. *SWATCHES SOON*
- ESSENCE - SEASON OF EXTREMES TE - 03 WE ARE ALL BRIGHT: another great creme in this duo, really, one of best cremes I've tried EVER. Reflections of this top coat on nails are still a mistery to me, instead... I need to try it as soon as I can.
- ESSENCE - VAMPIRE'S LOVE TE - 04 - THE DAWN IS BROKEN:  when this collection was released I didn't find this one, that I love because it reminds me a kitchen worktop. *_* Nicely Simona sent it to me!
- ESSENCE - REBELS TE - 04 REBELIZER: nothing interesting in this trend edition to me, but I picked up this polish on sale for just € 1 because I like weird and acid colors like this. Not a good purchase, by the way: bad application and doesn't match with my skintone, I'm sad for it... ç__ç
- ESSENCE - FRUITY TE - 01 BANANA JOE + 04 ONE KIWI A DAY: lovely collection! Just it wasn't released in my area... My cousin from Nail Polish Crazy blog picked up these 2 polishes for me from where she lives. I've already worn the kiwi one with a kiwi slice of fimo and it was sooo cuuuute!!! *^__^* *SWATCHES SOON*

- ESSENCE - VAMPIRE'S LOVE TE - 01 LOVE AT FIRST BITE: since I didn't find it where I live, Simona (holy woman!) bought it for me and I have to admit that's an amazing palette, very well pigmented. Just the glitter charcoal isn't in this world anymore, because... Ehr... A depotting accident... :P Box became a very useful pillow case! 
- ESSENCE - LEGENDS OF THE SKY TE - 01 - FROM ZERO TO HERO: and this is a gift from my cousin! Another great palette, and I swear I'm sincere about this feedback. With a primer these matte eyeshadows are discreet but amazing, I love the orange and the red the most. *__* 
- ESSENCE - I LOVE EXTREME - VOLUME MASCARA: this mascara is a must-have for lots of girls and bloggers and youtubbers, so I've tried it... Ok, it does its job, and it does it very well, i can't complain about this: lashes are illegally longer with this mascara, just... My eyes are always wet so I need of a waterproof mascara, it can't be helped... I use it under my waterproof mascara and it's better than alone, and I love it, but I can't love it as much as other ladies do, sorry. :(
- ESSENCE - CRYSTALLICED TE - LIPGLOSS - 01 IT'S A SNOW-WOMAN'S WORLDI know I know... I know the reflection you can see in the tube doesn't show off on your lips, but... Come on! On sale for € 1, sometimes I feel better just staring at that shimmer! XD
- ESSENCE - STAY WITH ME LONG LASTING LIPGLOSS - 06 BERRY MEanother purchase on sale for 1 €, this is a lipgloss with very different feedbacks. To me is a pretty lipgloss, quite pigmented and with a smell of sweets that I love. Doesn't last so long, but I always use a bit of lipstick under it and the world is a better place XD
- ESSENCE - XXXL SHINE LIPGLOSS - 16 WANTED!: this one was a gift from the store, instead. € 10 of Essence shopping and you could choose between this cute lipgloss and an eyeshadow duo. On my left: two matte nude colors for eyes. On my right: silver sparkle for lips. Challenge never started. 

- ESSENCE - CRYSTALLICED TE - NAIL ART STICKERS: Cristina and Barbara (my cousin) are crazy! They knew that I loooove nail stickers and I looooooooove snowflakes, so I looooooooooove THESE nail stickers and they gifted to me SO MANY!!! XD
- ESSENCE - NAIL & HAND CARE GLOVES: found them on sale for € 1 and tried. Not so happy, actually... They work perfectly, just... My hands are very small and my nails are short, but these gloves is a size quite bigger than mine and maybe even for ladies with long nails. When I wear them, I feel like Edward scissorhands.  >__<

Finished even this week, at last! I'll finish all the old pics in my pc, I swear!!! è__é/
That's all for this week. See ya! ^__^/


  1. Una pioggia di prodotti Essence *___*

    Bellino il gloss Crystalliced, come ho fatto a non notarlo?

  2. Quando vuoi, io sono qui, Jess. E quanto mi piacciono le tue foto!


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