Friday, 31 August 2012

LASplash - Midnight Rain

I didn't know this nail polish since I've seen a swatch on Alizarine Claws blog, and I fell in love in just a sec. I guess this combo of colors for a glitter polish is quite unique and I can't explain the reason: red + blue is a huge win!!! So I waited with patience and eventually I've ordered it on Cherry Culture as soon I had the chance.

I love this polish, seriously.
A darkdarkdark blue base (almost black) with tons of small bright red and blue glitter. Sheer at first coat, more than decent at the second one, and completely filled at the third coat. Slow to dry and you'll needs to add a generous ammount of glossy top coat (the ideal are those top coats that are very thick because they are finishing!) but... It worth it, totally. Long lasting on my nails, a week without a cheap, and sparkling until the last moment. I almost cried when I had to remove it. One of my favorite polish EVER.


  1. Meraviglia e luccichio *_________*
    Se solo mettessi i glitter da soli >_<

  2. La prima foto in particolare è qualcosa di meraviglioso: sembra una pietra dura lucida, solida e coloratissima! *___* Proprio un buon acquisto!

  3. Gorgeous one!! Name already written down to my wish list :)

  4. Grassie a tutte, sono molto orgogliona di questo smalto! *___*

    Thank you to everyone, I'm soooo soooooo proud of this polish of mine! *___*


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