Tuesday, 15 March 2011

China Glaze - Lemonfizz + Kiko - 275 Black + ☺

What should I do on a rainy sunday afternoon? A lot of konadicures, of course! This pic was modified a lot. Sorry for this, but 2 black smiles were very ugly, so I deleted them with photoshop.

I love the entire Up & Away collection, inspired by one of my favourite movies ♥ More, I love pastels when they are so delicate like this pale yellow. Absolutely sweet but still no sugary.
A good formula for this black polish, but it's becoming a bit thick at half bottle.
This design is on image plate I bought from an italian eBay seller. You can buy it from Mary Nail Shop. Some of her plates are inspired from Konad designs, but a lot of them has got original designs. The quality is variable, you have to try them, but the price is very very very low!

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