Saturday, 30 July 2011

Catrice - Welcome to the Jungle + stickers

I waited for so long this limited edition just for this polish, but I had to ask for help to a friend of mine, because this collection is arrived very late and immediately sold out to my zone. But I have it, at last, and I'm very happy for this! ;D

This shade is not unique, and this color with this finish is often called "antique gold", although it's not so gold, but it's a kind of dark metallic olive. It reminds me to some similar polishes like LA Girl - antique gold, NARS - mash, OPI - at your Quebec and call or China Glaze - wagon trail. They are no dupes to this Catrice, and maybe they are no dupes to each other, but "Welcome to the Jungle" has something from all of them, and I love it. I love it a lot. The formula is pretty good, but you'll need 2 coats for coverage, since che first one is a bit streaky. I applied 3 coats, instead, because I like have deeper reflections you can get only with more levels. Long lasting polish, too. If you still can find it, please, make a favor to yourself and catch it! ;)
I don't know the brand of these decals: a friend of mine gave this gift to me but I know she bought them from Mary Nail Shop. These roses are lovely and elegant, aren't they?
I would give you a little tip for thin stickers like these: apply the polish, then the fast drying top-coat, WAIT, then apply the decals and another thin coat of top coat. If you put the sticker before your polish will be perfectly dried, the sticker will retire with polish around.


  1. Anonymous31/7/11 22:12

    E' uno dei miei smalti preferiti... ma se hai avuto bisogno di tre mani ho paura che la tua boccetta sia stata aperta o al caldo perchè a me è bastata una mano sola per coprire perfettamente, e lo smalto in sè è stato una meraviglia da applicare!

  2. Beh, effettivamente mi è stato spedito nel periodo in cui c'è stato molto caldo, quindi non lo escludo, potresti avere ragione! ;)
    Ma non importa, è comunque un tessssssoro meraviglioso *___*

  3. Anonymous1/8/11 14:26

    Anche da me è esaurita in un batter d'occhio. Sei di Roma anche tu per caso? Baci. ;)

  4. No, sono friulana, ma questo me l'ha preso una mia amica di Sanremo: lei ha avuto la fortuna di andare alla COIN circa quando sono arrivati ;)


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