Saturday, 9 July 2011

Color Club - Wild at Heart

I read a lot of good reviews about this polish, so I bought it with no doubts when I had to decide between 3 purples. Good choice. ;D

This polish has the same name of the collection what come from (I'm not sure about the construction of this sentence... XD), and I have to say it deserves this honor! The collection consists of metallics, subshimmered and holos in autumnal colors. This one is a VERY deep purple (seems to have more levels at different distances) with a slight holo effect made with tons of micro holo glitters. It's almost perfectly opaque in one coat, but 2 coats, WOW! It's a VERY deep (yes, I'm saying it again!) color, very. VERY! I'm charmed by this polish. Ah! Long lasting, too!!! And deep, of course.


  1. I looove this polish! The color is phantastic and the holographic effect is amazing!

    As I said in another comment, you and me seem to like the same polishes! :)

    Best regards!

  2. Ahahahah! Thank you! But this polish worths so much! *___*
    The time I made these pics I didn't use Aqua Base, so I think the holo effect should be even better, and worths more and more! *____*


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