Saturday, 9 July 2011

Kiko - 344 Verde Nebbia Marina + stickers

I always giggle a bit on Kiko's polishes names: english translation for this is something like "green sea fog". Where they see green? And sea fog? I don't want to know. XD

I'm not so happy for the formula of this polish: it isn't self-leveling, chips fast and take a lot to drying, even with a fast dry top-coat... This time Kiko fail a bit in this. By the way, I love the color a lot! Camera can't catch properly the shade, that's a mint-jade-turquoise-randomcolor. Fresh and summery, for a daily mani. I'm pretty sure every brand has a color like this in their collections these days, maybe with a better formulation.
I don't know the brand of these decals: a friend of mine gave this gift to me but I know she bought them from Mary Nail Shop. I would give you a little tip for thin stickers like these: apply the polish, then the fast drying top-coat, WAIT, then apply the decals and another thin coat of top coat. If you put the sticker before your polish will be perfectly dried, the sticker will retire with polish around. You can see a bit of this abomination on my thumb! ;P

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