Friday, 8 July 2011

Milani - Silver Dazzle

Another US purchase, another polish from my wish list, another win! ;D
This polish is from Milani - One Coat Glitter line, and I couldn't rexist to other of them, so I have this one, and Milani - red sparkle, and Milani - blue flash and Milani - gold glitz. I miss only Milani - purple gleam, but I already have enough purples (AHAHAHAHAHAH polishes are NEVER enough!)

And a short video indoor

It's ALMOST one coat glitter, but the coverage is surprising for a glitter polish. The final surface is rough, so, you'll need for a generous ammount of top coat if you are searching for a gloss finish. But I also like rough. Ok, no one asked me, but who cares? :P Color is very classy, I think: a charcoal that goes from silver, to grey, to black, depends by light. What else? Long last! It's also useful if you don't have much time to manis: you could put this glitter polish, 3 days after you'll add a coat and go in this way for months! XD
Of course, a pain in the ass to remove. Your patience will improve very much after that experience. *hugs*

My english is worse than usual, sorry, but it's damned hot out there and I'm feeling as a chinese dumpling! I'm evaporating. Adios!


  1. That polish (and all the others from the "one coat glitter" line) is on my wishlist for a few weeks now! After seeing your photos, I need to buy them really fast!

    Best regards!

  2. I would swatch them all (I miss only the purple one) but I would wait for sunny days. ;)


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