Friday, 8 July 2011

OPI - DS Extravagance

This polish comes from my US haul bought for me by a friend of mine some months ago. Usually I'm not so into pinks or fuchsias, but this one catched my attention anyway. And when I've tried it: love at first sight. Perfection doesn't exist, but sometimes we are close to it.

In the shade

In the sunlight

In the bulblight

And a short video outdoor

This is my first and only polish from OPI's Designer Series but I would any single shade from this collection if quality was the same as this one! Amazing. Really, amazing. There's nothing wrong in this polish: coverage, durability, application, deepness, brush, a tons of little holo glitters and a bare holo effect... It has only one lack: doesn't make coffee, but this is the only one!


  1. I've got this one and adore it as well! It's such an amazing polish on all levels :)

  2. ALL levels, you're right! ;)


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