Sunday, 31 July 2011

Revlon - 032 Emerald City + stickers

I was searching for this polish for so long, and then... When you least expect it... When I didn't have money with me... HERE IT IS! Of course... Fortunately I had change in the car, A LOT of change, so, when I came back to the store, I looked like a little girl who had broken her piggy bank! X°D

This polish dries matte, with a suede finish. Usually I like very much this effect, but this time I decided to add the top coat to get a glossy result. In this way you can see better the subtle shimmer into this formula, especially in the sunlight.
I don't know the brand of these decals: a friend of mine gave this gift to me but I know she bought them from Mary Nail Shop. Thank you Tammy! *^__^*


  1. Haha I'm glad you found this polish! I love stumbling on a color I've been looking for randomly :)

  2. AHAHAHHAHA this polish worths a broken piggy bank in the car, indeed XD


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