Friday, 12 August 2011

China Glaze - Midnight Mission + stickers

I hate talking so well about all my nail polishes, but... I'm not a collector and I'm not a pro, so I choose my future items paying attention to everything: reviews, my tastes, different pics under different lights and more... Actually I'm pretty proud about my choices, I made very few bad purchases, and this ChG is another big deal. :)
Artificial light



I have not so much to tell about this polish: pics can speak by themselves. The color and the shimmer are like a starry night, it's simply charming. The color doesn't change under different lights, but finish does a lot, as you can see from pictures above: in the bulblight this polish seems a shimmer one, but under sunlight (both direct and undirect) it's almost metallic. I think it's a worthy product, a must have for blue lovers!
This is a gift from my cousin, I don't know the brand, sorry.


  1. Such a beautiful color, love it!

  2. This looks beautiful on you! I love the little kittycat! :D

  3. @beauxs mom: it's really beautiful! Really really *__*

    @solveig: i also love those kitty decals ;D

  4. I've seen some swatches of this one before but none of them was nearly as beautiful as yours. I do look at it from a different angle now. I must definitely have this beauty in my collection too.

  5. This polish deserves a lot more love! This isn't a blue flash, but a delicate one. I would wear it every day! *___*


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