Sunday, 7 August 2011


Finally I decided to improve the previous anonymous design of my blog, and I choose this template, then I modified a lot of details and customized as much as I could. 3 days of hard work fighting with CSS! ;)
Some infos about this new aspect:
● BLOG TITLE: finally my blog has a brand new name: Polishically Uncorrect \(^_^)/ 
SMALL LAYOUT: since I'm multitasking when I work on pc (usually I post/read/surf and watch a movie at the same time :P), I preferred to choose a small layout with everything displayed on the left of the screen, so I/you can keep other windows open on the right, expecially if I/you have a netbook with a smaller than 12" monitor, in this way you won't have to scroll orizontally to see everything
TEMPLATE COLORS: colors are neutral, so polishes colors will match with no problems of optical illusions or chromatic chaos
DROPDOWN MENUS FOR LABELS: on the right you'll find more labels dropdown menus: one with all labels and the others divided by a few categories: brand, color, finish, technique, various... So you can direct your search in a better and easier and faster way. A note: finish menu is a bit easy, for example "metallic" is for metallic finish, and foil, and gunmetal, and similar... I'm not so good about finishes, so I preferred to create a short and simple division
 PAGES MENU: the blogger platform allows to create singular static pages, you'll find the option in the menu at the top and also at the bottom of the main page, so you won't to scroll a lot to go up again
IMAGE GALLERY: the blog contains a page with an image gallery with ALL pics contained in this blog, for people who have no time to read everything post by post. There are a slideshow and also a link to thumbnails collection
● BLOGROLL: the list with my favorite blogs is on a dedicated page
● SWAP: this is not ready, yet, I'll write both wishlist and polishes I can swap or CP
● BILINGUAL ITEMS: buttons and similar are bilingual: English and Italian. Why I need it in this way it's complicated to explain. I hope in the future I'll be able to write bilingual entries, if I'll have enough will
● ANYTHING ELSE? I don't know, I'm pretty tired after this hard work and I'm surely forgetting about a lot of things... ;P

I'm ready to continue this funny adventure with my casual attitude.
My motto for my blog is: when I can, how I know, what I want!
But with a lot of  me.

Now I'm ready for your feedbacks and suggestions and insults and whatever you want, too! ^__^/


  1. Celestellina7/8/11 15:11

    Break a leg for the restyling! I'm looking forward to see your swatches and nail art! / E tanto per essere anche io bilingue ti dico in italiano che ovviamente "ti followo"!

  2. Come si dice da me "lavoròn"!! Brava, mi piacciono molto alcune scelte tecniche come i menù a tendina. Dovrei anch'io metter mani sul template ma non ho tempo :-/ e mi sa nemmeno le competenze. Magari durante le ferie mi studio un po' questi CSS e provvedo!!

  3. @ciccinapallina: you're welcome, pirlotta! XD

    @maisenzasmalto: anche dalle mie parti si dice così! Non dirmi che sei delle mie parti! Io Friuli :P
    Per il resto... Effettivamente sì, ci vuole tempo, TANTO tempo. Io un po' l'html lo conosco, il css su alcune cose è simile su altre è un mishtero mishterioso che va fatto per tentativi se non sei esperta. Io adesso che ho finito sono rinco forte (lo ero anche prima, ma adesso di più! XD) e non avrei ancora finito (tipo quei menu a tendina vorrei farli graficamente più graziosi) ma per adesso, e un bel pezzo, è anche troppo! @_@

  4. @maisenzaeccetera: sì cavolo sei del friuli come me!!!! carramba! :D


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