Sunday, 7 August 2011

Barielle - Tight Knit + water decals

This comes from a Makeupalley swap. The package came to me few weeks ago. I'm trying all polishes I received but  I'm not a pro, so I'll take my time (that usually is a lot of time XD). The color is beautiful for my taste, but a bit plain so I've added a water decal and made some glitter dots with matching colors on my middle finger.

I can't say in English a name for this color: it's brown, but reddish, and still very dark antique pink... Really, I don't know... It's a creme but the formula is not so easy to work as I expected, but I received the package in a very hot warm week, maybe the quality was a bit gone away to other places along the path... By the way, with a bit of patience and some top coat, the result is shiny and smooth and beautiful. I like so much this autumnal color, and I don't care at all if it's august right now. :P
This is the very first time I've tried a water decal, and I'm in love with them: they can have many details and they are so tiny... I hope to buy more of them in the future. I bought this decal from a british eBayer: dowryqueen. They have stickers and other nail stuff, and you can find a lot of peculiar designs.


  1. Effettivamente è autunnale, mi piace un sacco il decal con i puntini glitterati!

  2. Ma tanto con queste giornate piovose e grigie... E' come fossimo in un autunno caldo ;P

  3. Stamattina c'era pure la nebbia!!! :-(

  4. qui a cervignano c'era l'aria pesantissima, poi si è un po' risollevato, però tanto umido porca pupassa ç__ç


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