Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Unusual idea to refresh an usual manicure

Sometimes your manicure is a disaster after few days and you have no time to remake it. What do you do in this case? Do you remove the polish and stay with the base coat alone? Sad... OOOR! Could you make a french... Boring. OOOOOR!  Jane from Nailside inspired me with her explosion design tutorial.
I like very much the scotch tape technique, but it takes a lot of time... Anyway the most of this time consists in expectation, since you need to wait as much as possible that your polish is entirely dry. But... If your polish was already dry for days? It's a piece of cake! You'll need for few minutes and your manicure will back to life for other days more! P.S. I fought a bit with design, I need to improve! LOL
● KIKO - 335 BLU INCHIOSTRO » swatched here
● MILANI - BLUE FLASH » coming soon ^^


  1. Really clever! It looks great :D Holooo ^^

  2. Lo farò anche io!! *__*

  3. Figherrimo! Anche se quando vedo le punte scoperte...Cambio! BTW qua pioveeeeeee

  4. @jane: thank you! ;D
    @ele: lo scotch è divertentissimo!!!
    @maisenzaecceteraXD: anche io cambio appena si scheggiano, ma pensavo a tutte quelle simpatiche cagacazzi che addirittura considerano fuffa uno smalto che non è perfettamente coprente al primo coat e se dici qualcosa tipo "ma è un jelly, non può essere coprente!" ti rispondono simapticamente "non c'ho mica tempo da perdere io". Ma mi andassero... XD


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