Thursday, 27 October 2011

My "Liester Blog" Award ♥

Sabine from My Polish Stash nominated me for the "Liebster Blog Award"! Thank you, girl, to you and your fabulous nails! ♥

This award is given to new and upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Who receives this award should nominate 5 other blogs.
I'll mention 9, because... Because yes!
The order of my list is merely "on top who posted more recently":
1 - My Pretty nail Polish Box - Terry from Italy
2 - Pee Before Polish - Cristina from Italy
3 - Ere K.'s beauty Shelf - Elena from Italy
4 - Have you met Miss Jones? - Miss Jones from Sweden
5 - Smalto Italiano - Roby from Italy
6 - My (nail) polish addiction - Simona from Italy
7 - The Beauty Case - Gold Francine from Italy
8 - Barbara & 1923 - Barby from Nigeria
9 - Stregalice - Alice from Italy

Thank you to all of you, who nominated me and who I've nominated to. My blog was made just for pass my time during this long period of health problems, but I met a lot of wonderful people and a lot of creative ideas and it's still just a hobby, but not a lonely hobby that you make for closing in yourself, but exactly the opposite. This blog and this passion for nail polishes making me feel a lot better, both physically and emotionally! Hugs to all of you and to the others I couldn't mention because they have more than 200 followers!!! ♥ P.S.  what I wrote above is too sentimental for me, I need to play down now, so I will do a burp! ;D


  1. Ahhhh grazie!! E ora chi nomino? D:

  2. Ma anche le stesse persone, non importa! O anche nessuno <3

  3. Oddio, l'ultima frase mi ha fatto morire!!! :-D Ti hugg-o!

  4. Grazieeeee!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  5. More nail polish friends! :)

  6. @aly: *soffock* XD
    @terry: ma si figuri! ;D
    @francesca: ma preghissimo! ;P
    @rins: more and more, I have enough space for everyone :D

  7. thank you so much Gnoma. really thank you.
    Unless i nominate you back, i dont know a lot of bloggers with less than 10 followers, lol i will scour the blogs to find them.
    thanks a lot


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