Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Ever - 38 + various bases

First of all: hands on! I'm pretty sure to have made a lot of chaos with English grammar, so be patient! ;P
I didn't know this EVER Italian brand at all, until I've seen this post on Smalto Italiano blog, but I've never seen it in stores, and I had no idea how to find it... I was almost forgetting about these polishes, when I spotted them at an OVS store pretty far from my house, I was there by chance for the first time, infact. They were all amazing in bottle that I couldn't decide how many and which to buy! Eventually I choose two of them, and this is the first one.

Natural light

Artificial light


THUMB: KIKO - 346 - swatch here
INDEX: CATRICE - 250 I SEA YOU! - swatch here
MIDDLE: KIKO - 344 - swatch here
RING: EYEKO - VINTAGE - swatch here
PINKIE: ISADORA - 627 BONBON MINT - swatch here

● EVER - 38
Seriously? I can't decide if I like or not this polish! Alice from Mai senza smalto blog reviewed this one and she drew attention to the fact that it's pretty sheer and not very intense as seems in the bottle. Actually she's right and you can see her swatch here, so I decided to layer it over an opaque base, but I couldn't decide which was most fitted for it... So I tried 5 different mint polishes! The result is pretty good and the polish has shown the best of it, especially the pretty matte silver particles and few gold glitters. The color isn't a duochrome like I hoped, but it's a lovely mint green; it's more frost than I expected, but still pretty, and there aren't so many shade differences when you'll have layered this polish over other colors.
This wasn't a bad purchase, in the end, but I'm not 100% convinced, yet, sorry. ç__ç


  1. Ma usato sopra le basi verdine è molto molto più bello! Tra l'altro sta benissimo con la tua carnagione...

  2. Oh! *_* e sono cruelty free anche? *__*

  3. Peccato che sia sheer, perché è un colore davvero bellissimo! A me la Ever ricorda le prime incursioni al reparto cosmetico della Upim (avrò avuto 12-13 anni)... Naturalmente tornavo a casa a mani vuote (non mi era permesso usare il make up a quella età non ero il tipo che disobbediva). Bei tempi, e primi, commoventi approcci agli stands fatati dei trucchi! *_*

  4. The result does look nice to me!
    BTW, I nominated you for a "Liebster Blog" Award on my blog, girl :)

  5. Bello questo verde! (lo vedrei bene cn un bel stamping sopra!) anche i base color che hai usato sono uno più bello dell'altro ;-) pure io ho notato questa marca alla OVS, ha dei colori interessanti!


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