Sunday, 4 December 2011


It came! It came!!! My baby finally came to me!!! *caress caress* No, you're not drunk, in the pic below there are TWO bottles, but I'm talking just about one, why? Because the second one will be splitted into 2 or 3 smaller bottles for my friends as gift or maybe a future giveaway, I don't know, yet. Numbers of my bottles are 53 and 71 (or 51 and 73? I don't remember XD) of 275 total pieces released. But this means not so much to me, actually: I bought this polish because it's so damned cute!!! *caress caress* I was decided to wait for Clairvoyant (the identical polish on the permanent collection) but I was online exactly when Cult Nails posted on twitter the beginning of the limited sale, and I had received money on my rechargeable credit card right the evening before, so... Why not? *caress caress*
*DROOL* The a-m-a-z-i-n-g Galaxy Collection from the Korean brand Tony Moly. *DROOL AGAIN* My cousin wanted the purple and the grey/glittermulticolor ones, so I made an order for her, adding 3 more polishes for me: the green, the purple again and the copper.  *DROOL EVERYONE* They are a bit expensive, but I really needed for a gift to myself that week. Really.
- Tony Moly - GT04 - Neptune - some medium round bright green glitters and tons of gold microglitters in a dark base
- Tony Moly - GT05 - Jupiter - few medium round duochrome glitters that go from turquoise to green and tons of purple and orange microglitters in a dark base
- Tony Moly - GT03 - Mars - a lot of medium round bronze glitters and tons of orange and blue microglitters in a dark base
- Tony Moly - GT02 - Earth - a lot of colours (especially red and blue) for these microglitters in a dark grey base
Are they fabulous as they look like in the pics? Shit, yes! They has just 2 weak points: the smell and the roughness on the surface when dry, so wear a mask and be generous with your top coat, then the world will smile at you again.

I'm a big fan of [b]basic polishes, because they are cheap, I can find them on Schlecker stores (there are 6 or 7 of these drugstores in a 5 kilometers radius from my place), they are pretty, small, few are not bad and few are amazing, so I buy one of them with the change I have in my pocket anytime I go there for my regular shopping for my house, aaaaaand... You should to know it: I'm collecting a consistent ammount of bottles and other tools for my next giveaway. For now there are: one bottle of remover, one box of pads remover, 2 files, stickers, top coat fast dry, and a dozen of nail polishes... I really hope you'll like the price! *^__^*
NEW YORK limited edition - Ref. 5770 - 01 Central Park + 02 - Metropolitan
Julep-bottle-style for these classic but still lovely fall colors. €1 for 9 ml each. Medium quality.
EARTH LIFE STYLE lim. ed. - Ref. 5663 - 01 - Black Earth + 02 - Red Earth + 03 - Green Earth
€1,50 each and AMAZING quality: just one coat and great application! This collection is perfection, a lot better than other famous and prestigious high-level brands. A friend of mine pointed up to me that this collection is probably inspired/copied from Chanel - Les Khakis, but... Actually... I think this is better than Chanel LE, and, no, I'm not paid from anyone to say it, and, no, I'm sure about what I'm talking about, and I believe in it. Totally. Long life to [b]basic. If you can find these collection, make a favour to yourself and buy all of them, I'll take the responsability for this advice, but I'm sure you won't do a bad purchase!

When a friend of mine went to USA for a trip, I asked to her for 2 lip palettes, but it happened a little chain of misfortunes, and one of them came damaged (2 glosses were all around) and the other was simply a mistake and CherryCulture sent the fair of the pink instead of cool browns (thank you Cherry Culture! Ti venisse uno scagotto! XD). Soooo... I customized them! Yay!
How to do this? A candle. A knife. A spoon. Paper towel as if were raining. Steady hand (if it's possible). Patience. And search on youtube words "lip palette customize how to" or "lip palette diy" or something like this. Good luck! ;D
- SONIA KASHUK - Lip Gloss Quad - Natural Nudes *customized 2 of 4*
On the right you can see the original Kashuk shades; on the left there are 2 lipsticks of mine, that perfectly match with the glosses. I made this palette to carry it around with me.
- L.A. GIRL - Lip Palette - Fall in Love *customized 4of 6*
Pink is my kryptonite, so I thrown away 4 glosses of 6 and I preferred to dissolve 4 of my other lipsticks: a [b]basic 5511-23, the Kiko Mat Lipstick 209 mauve beige, then the Kiko Smart Lipstick 13 marrone cappuccino, and my lovely Shiseido Perfect Rouge in RD613 Mystery. Last 2 shades were already in the palette. This palette will stay at home, because the dust can go easily inside. P.S. very good brush included!

A little sorry to bloggers who are mentioned below and who aren't, too: sorry sorry sorry because I didn't comment on your blogs for 2 weeks, but recently I have my usual blogs "walk" in the middle of the night, when I'm already lying in my bed, so I can click on mouse buttons but I can't type comments, but I'm always following you! Kisses!!! And sorry but this week I didn't comment my links, neither, sorry again! >_<
- Nail Art Sakura: [b]basic - New York limited edition
- Vintage Musings of a Modern Pinup: Model's Own - Golden Green VS Chemistry - 519
- Vampy Varnish: Ozotic - 507
- Scrangie: Zoya Color Box Gift Set for Holiday 2011
- Lacquerdicted: Essence - Circus Circus limited edition
- My Lucid Bubble: Deborah Lippmann - The Edge of Glory
- Lucy's Stash: Barielle - Elle's Spell
- Alexandra RC: Kleancolor - Holo Chrome
- Scrangie: Essie Luxeffects comparisons
- Das Experiment: IsaDora - Blue Sky + Wet'n'WIld - Kaleidoscope
- Vampy Varnish: Cult Nails - Super Powers collection
- Nailin' It: IsaDora - Black Galaxy
- Smalto Italiano: Revlon - Emerald City
- Vampy Varnish: Zoya - Feel collection
- Have you met Miss Jones?: China Glaze - Jolly Holly
- The Trace Face Philes: Hits - Lambada
- Nailside: Art Deco Chevrons
- Nails by Kayla Shevonne: Retro Polka Dots
- Pee Before Polish: Water Marble: first time!
- Copy that, copy cat: One Piece flags
- Les Ongles d'Amély: Galactic Decals
- Nail Art Sakura: Schtroumpfs Decals
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- Ere K.'s Beauty Shelf: Neve Cosmetics - Zen eyeshadow
- Mai Senza Smalto: Nails in ADs november
- Temptalia: Urban Decay - Naked 1 VS Naked 2
- NailXchange: Nail polish spill on a laptop! D:

Last 2 weeks were not so good for me, because my health problems have had a relapse, and I don't feel so good, so I had to rest and stay to home. No panic, my therapy is going well, and I should expect few fallout, yet, but they less painful and last for less than before, so I have to be glad for this, even I'm a little' disconsolated because I was hoping to finally find a job again within 2 months, and I have to wait a bit more. On the other hand I have seen many great movies during my rest.
First of all, I've seen few movies with one of my favorite actors: Eddie Redmayne. Oh, Eddie. Oh, oh, oh, Eddie. He's still pretty young but he has talent... No no, let's rewind: talent is just for lucky people who has a gift but doesn't know what to do with it, necessarily: Eddie has talent but he absolutely knows what he's doing, this is rare, even for the most of "great" actors we usually adore and we usually overestimate. But I'm not good to explain myself properly when I'm talking about things I appreciate in a complex way, so... In my macaronic English I can say that this guy can use his talent with great awareness and he's damned good about choosing scripts, so... What the hell, let's go on: this is what I've seen this week:
LIKE MINDS: a thriller with an amazing (as always)  Toni Collette, and Tom Sturridge, too. Disturbing but not as much disturbing as the director could have if he wanted. Great choice, director. I can't say it better.
ELIZABETH - THE GOLDEN AGE: I think I was the last person in the world who had not seen this movie, yet, sorry. Aestethically perfect, in a good way, even not so historically realistic in my humble opinion. Also too luxurious, in my humble opinion again.
THE YELLOW HANDKERCHIEF: an indie on-the-road movie with William Hurt and Kristen Stewart (this is the first time I see her acting). A simple story but told in a delicate prospective. Step by step, without the need to overload facts. Appreciated a lot. Very good movie.
POWDER BLUE: what a cast!!! Ray Liotta, Forest Whitaker, Eddie (of course) and Jessica Biel, even Lisa Kudrow. A drama with 4 stories of 4 people so different to each other, so desperate in a so different way. This movie reminds me to Wong Kar Wai style when he filmed slices of lives as Chung King Express. Another great movie I advice, my favorite from what I've seen with Eddie until now.
GLORIOUS 39: another thriller based on Keyes family during the Second World War, a very traditional British house and their adopted child Anne, called Glorious from his "brother". Another great motion picture.
Eddie has acted in other production for theatre and tv, of course, maybe I'll speak a bit again in the future about what I've already seen in the past, if you glad. :)
Just a few words for who already know this British grotesque tv series: Misfits first season was a big surprise for me, something totally new; the second one was still very valuable, then... The thrauma. Robert Sheehan leaves the series to filming 2/3 movies, and Nathan Young with him, of course. Big big thrauma. But, I made a deep breath and I tried to think that a great series is not based only on one single great thing, otherwise it isn't a real great series. So, what I'm thinking about the 3rd series? Misfits is still a good series, but no more great. I think they did a mistake, a terrible mistake: try to introduct a character similar to Nathan, but, come on, how it's possible to replace someone like Nathan??? NO WAY! They would have had to create a totally different chara, to avoid comparisons. Because, let's be honest: comparisons with Nathan is lost in the beginning. This is my opinion.

That's all for this week.
These weekly posts are huge, but I hope you join them ayway! ^__^


  1. Grazie per avermi messa in lista!!
    Ma non mi ero accorta che i Tony Moly si chiamano come i pianeti O__O udio *occhi a cuore*

  2. I love your Sunday summaries :) Get better soon and I'm looking forward to see the swatches of your newly arrived beauties! And thanks for tagging me!

  3. Voto per post/comparisons! *___* Orsù, è ora di usare i nostri "hand made color spoons"! ;-)

  4. Gnoma you are one lucky girl! I'm sooo jealous of the Unicorn Puke and the Tony Moly polishes! I'm sure the are awesome and I can't wait to see your swatches!!!

    Best regards!

  5. Mi piacciono un sacco i tuoi post misti!! Alura commenti a caso, sai che amavo Misfits e sono rimasta a bocca aperta alla fine dell'episodio natalizio della 2° serie. Poi la notizia che il buon Robert fa il salto della quaglia e non ho avuto il coraggio di cercare il mini di cui mi hai parlato e anche se so che la terza serie si trova in giro...Non solo manca Nathan, ma mi mettono un succedaneo? Nuuu!
    Bon, per i [b] Basic ti quoto in pieno oggi ne ho riprovato uno e <3 ammore in due mani (volevo fare il doppio swatch una e due passate). Ho comprato anch'io un altro set da giveaway-are a gennaio, ma da noi il rosso NY era finito (e del red earth era rimasto un pezzo). Grazie per la citazione "varie ed eventuali", è un post che hanno commentato in pochi ma che volevo fare da parecchio :*
    PS ti prego dimmi che i Tony Moly puzzano in maniera insostenibile (lo smalto coreano che ho è stupendo ma mi fa venire il mal di testa) e che non vengono via neanche con le bombe. Pliis dissuadimi dagli acquisti!
    Per il resto, ti mando un abbraccio e tieni duro, l'importante è tu ti riprenda, poi penserai al lavoro!

  6. Dopo aver visto le prime foto non riesco a connettere abbastanza per scrivere in inglese! Sono senza parole, davvero degli ottimi acquisti.

  7. My internet router was broken, sorry but I can reply just now ç__ç

    @ere: solo la linea galaxy ha i nomi dei pianeti ;D

    @ritterbraten: you're welcome, I mention posts catched my attention, and sometimes I don't pay attention which blogs are from, just what I like, your combo was amazing for me!!! <3

    @dany: ancora non trovo una maledetta luce giusta ç__ç

    @ninea: the swatch for unicorn puke is going to b posted very soon (the next post), even my nails were so broken I HAD TO try it as soon as possible: it's carnival in a bottle if you apply it over a black base!!! :D

    @alice: sigh sigh per misfits, tanti sigh sigh ç__ç
    per i basic non credo di avere nulla da giveawayare delle le, perchè alla fine tutto quello che ho potuto prendere è nella scatola delle cose da spedire ad amiche varie ;P per il giveaway ci sarà solo roba base, ma TANTA!!! Sto accumulando un po' alla volta, con calma ;)
    scusa se non commento sul tuo blog ultimamente, ma, come ho scritto più su, faccio il giro dei blog così di corsa e sempre da distesa che non ci riesco, ma leggo sempre, sallo! <3
    e per i tony moly, dai, che per le feste ci vediamo così lo sniffi personalmente e puoi decidere da sola quanto sia insostenibile la puzza! P.S. il 26 faccio giornata cazzeggio, tramezzini, saltinmente, telefilm, dolci e dolcetti, pisolino con qualche amico qui da me, se vuoi passare... ;D

    @labisbetica: grazie, sono cerebralmente commossa anche io da quando sono arrivati! *_* no, lo ero anche prima, ma adesso ho una buona scusa XD



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