Sunday, 29 January 2012


I don't remember when I bought this one, but I'm pretty sure it was at the beginning of December, as soon as this collection has been released. I found it at my closest Schlecker drugstore, and there were 8 shades, more or less, the most of them had a satin finish, but there also was a duochrome and a couple of shimmers.
- Fairwind: 51 - Velvet Navy
A very very dark dusty blue, with a subtle shimmer that dries satin, or demi matte, like the text on the bottle. I tried it just on one single nail and it disappointed me a bit... It's a pity the shimmer disappear when dries :(
Yes, I had never been there before 3 weeks ago! Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Next items aren't all bought by myself this month, but I decided to put all Sephora items together. :)
- Sephora: 49 - Deep in Her Eyes
A gift from my cousin. I already wore it twice, but my camera was out of battery (I'm not sure these are the right words) both of times, and I'm sorry because it is a very pretty metallic blue polish with a slight purple duochrome effect.
- Sephora: 68 - Diving in Malaysia
The most famous dupe of Chanel - Peridot, a gift from my cousin months ago, when the Chanel one was released and it started the "dupes hunt". Actually I love this shade a lot, but I won't use in all my entire life a big bottle, so this one is perfect for me. I wore it twice, but I didn't swatched it, exactly like the polish above. Sorry, I'm so lazy... :P
- Sephora: 67 - Moody Woman
Finally a polish I bought by myself to Sephora recently. I couldn't decide which one to choose, and the huge woman in front of the display didn't help my choice... Then I've seen this pretty duochrome, the last bottle, and *swoooosh* Stolen from her view. Revenge! è_é/
- Sephora: Concealer Palette - 1. nude 2. leaf 3. lilac 4. sandy
It'll be hard speaking about this item. Why? First of all, because my English sucks, and secondly because I read a lot of reviews about it, and most of them were not so good, but I bought it anyway, even I usually trust of reviews. Why (again)? Because I've tested it to the store and it didn't seem cakey at all, as many girls said... I'm using it for weeks, every day, and I'm using all the colors: pink/lilac for my dark circles (inner side), green for pimples on cheeks and chin, the light beige for my eyelids, and the peachy beige for my under eyes at outer side (hope to have used right words). Result is veeeeery good, even my eyes are wrinkled, even my rednesses are pretty noticeable, even my undereyes seem train tracks, even it's very hard to find the right match of colors on my yellowish/greenish/pinkish/reddish/olive face... I can't explain complainings about this product, really... Boh... Maybe I didn't try a very high quality product, yet, and I think this is good. Maybe people likes complaining (this is regardless true). Maybe I'm lucky these are my perfect match colors (a lot of different colors, infact XD).  Maybe boh... Just the brush is useless, but the rest is very good, in my opinion. 
- Make Up For Ever: HD Microperfecting Primer - 1. Green
This is just a sample. By the way, it is very useful for my nose: this primer is not much covering, but it's a  kind of green that contrasts very well large areas without being heavy. So I'm using the Sephora palette for small details and eyes, and this one for nose or forehead. :)
- Catrice: Sharpener
I love the design, but, the most important thing: the blade cuts well! 

- Nail Art Sakura: Nfu.Oh - 51
Sometimes I need to remind the existance of this polish. ;)
- Ere Kanezawa: Essence - Better than Gel - Top Sealer
A friend of mine made this useful review of this top coat!
- Lacquerdicted: Kleancolor - Holo Chrome
One of my favorite Kleancolor shades *__*
- The TraceFace Philes: ManGlaze - Santorum
Oh maaaaan (glaze)!!! HIMYM cit. ;P
- The Polish Aholic: China Glaze - Magnetix
2011 was crackle year, will this one be the magnetic one?
- Chloe's Nails: Some leopard fun
I'm really happy Chloe is back, and this post is so classy!
- Nailside: Grey Cloud + Tutorial
I love this design and this combo of colors
- NailXChange: Tommy G iMagnet Art 12 + Red Angel RA-105
Such amazing stamping with such amazing polishes *__*
- Nihrida: Illamasqua Sophie-I Collection & Technique
So fucking good job, girl... :°)
- Scrangie: Kryolan - Aquacolor UV Day Glow Palette
I can't speak in front of this awesomeness!
- Vintage Musings of a Modern Pinup: Hot Rod Shoes!
Crazy. But stil... Hypnotic. *__*

That's all for this week. See ya! ^__^/


  1. Can't wait to see those Sephora polishes. Thanks for the link! =)

  2. Ohohoh! Abbiamo gli stessi tre identici smaltini Sephora :-) Uno grazie alla medesima "fornitrice" gli altri scelti tramite telepatia smaltara (XD): in effetti, erano i due più belli della nidiata!

  3. I'm so jealous the european Sephora's have better polishes than we do! All the ones over here are creme's, boo!

  4. @nihrida: I must to fight against my cuticles, before that! XD

    @dany: nidiata nun se po' sentì ahahahahah XD

    @angie: but... in my sephora... there isn't... urban decay... or bobbi brown... or kat von d... it's a very sad tale ç__ç

  5. Grazie per la citazione cara *_____*


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