Saturday, 4 February 2012

POLL - Best of 2011 - part 3/3

I need a bit' of your time. Again. This is the third and the last (for your pleasure XD) poll of this "Best of 2011" series, and it's dedicated to my Best Polish of the past year. You can choose between many polishes in the poll, but the selection was extremely hard to me, and I couldn't reduce more than this the list, sorry. I always pay a lot of attention to reviews before purchase, so I'm disappointed not so often, this is a reason why I like almost all my polishes. ^_^/
There are a few surprises for me about which ones I've chosen, for example I'm not a big fan of Catrice lacquers, but in this poll there are 4 items from this brand: maybe Catrices are not my first choice, but when I'm charmed from a shade from this brand, then it's for something really special. :) And 3 Milanis, too, another surprise! And nothing from the last trends, like crackles or magnetics, or duochromes. Color choice is pretty with my tastes, instead: dusty and weird colors. ;P

If you want to see more pics and reviews, click on the "HERE" stuff. XD
1 - China Glaze - Below Deck : more HERE
2 - [B] Basic - 36  : more HERE
3 - OPI - DS Extravagance : more HERE
4 - Color Club - Wild at Heart : more HERE
5 - Milani - Hi-Tech  : more HERE
- Catrice - Dirty Berry : more HERE
7 - Milani - Dot Com  : more HERE
8 - China Glaze - Bogie : more HERE
9 - Catrice - Welcome to the Jungle : more HERE
10 - Catrice - Yes, you Tan! : more HERE
11 - China Glaze - Midnight Mission : more HERE
12 - Catrice - Beam me, Scotty! : more HERE
13 - Nfu.Oh - 51 : more HERE
13 - Milani - Gold Glitz : more HERE
And now... VOTING TIME!

Thank you to all of you!!! ^__^/

P.S. I think this week I won't do the Totally Random Sunday post for tomorrow: I felt very bad 3 days ago and I even had to call the ambulance. I'm better now, my body is "just" tired after months of pain and staying in bed, so I need to recover step by step now that pain is a lot lower, but I didn't have enough concentration for the blog. Sorry. *hugs* 


  1. Mi dispiace :(( Un abbraccio!
    PS: Votato, tra l'altro ce l'ho anch'io :-)

  2. So many pretty polishes - how am I supposed to choose one of them?! Will try anyway ;)


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