Sunday, 12 February 2012


She did it again!!! :D The first polish is an old gift (maybe 2 months ago or even more) and the others 2 polishes are a gift for the past xmas. ♥

- BeYu - 209 - Brillant Shiraz: a magical polish: a red jelly alone, a crazy duochrome over other colors. It's especially beautiful over dusty dark blues and purples, because it can goes from yellow to green or from fuchsia to blue... Like a microglitter version of Nfu.Oh - 51. I think the layering results are extremely close to the new lemming of the polish-world: Max factor - Fantasy Fire

- Priti NYC: she gifted to me this polish because it reminds to a lemming of mine, the GOSH - Frou Frou. The GOSH one is more pink than this, but this is just a plus to me ;P

- Catherine Arley - ??? (mysterious number and name): "America" sang "A horse with no name" (such a beautiful song!); I sing "A polish with no name"... Ok, now I can't avoid to post this song...

"After 9 days, I let the polish run free, 'cause the coat had turned to chip" 

- Essence - 50's Girls Reloaded - 03 I'm a Marine Girl
- Essence - 50's Girls Reloades - 05 You're a Heartbreaker
A shimmered blue and a shimmered grey with a subtle touch of blue. *^_^*

- Essence - Colour & Go - 73 Princess Prunella
A pretty polish, but on me wasn't as good as I was expecting for :(

- Essence - Colour & Go - 79 Viva la Green
Another jade green for me, this one I like a lot more than the one above.

- Essence - Colour & Go - 75 Gleam in Blue
Bought when I've read it is very good for stamping ;P

Last Sunday I didn't do my weekly random post, so this time will be 2 weeks of links and it was a very intense time in the blogosphere. It seems like everyone is working very hard on their blog, except for... Me! ^__^/ This time I split the links by topic, to avoid an andless list ;)
• A-ENGLAND - THE LEGENDS: this month is the month of this collection, absolutely! A lot of bloggers swatched them and these are my favs
- Entire Collection swatches by Alizarine Claws and Fashion Polish
- Saint George (my fav) by Swatchaholic  and The Polished Perfectionist
• CHINA GLAZE - HUNGER GAMES collection: another great recent news. Nothing so unique or original, but China Glaze quality and price are on top for me.
- Entire collection swatches by All Lacquered Up and Scrangie
• INDIE BRANDS: they are growing up in number and quality and ideas, so bloggers are doing a hunt to discover the best gems for you
- Lacquistry - Shredded by As known as...
- Dollish Polish various shades by The Polish Aholic
Lynnderella - Love Potion no.99 by Let Them Have Polish
- Nerd Lacquer - Hyperspace Bypass by The TraceFace Philes
 ITALIAN BRANDS: eventually Italian brands are waking up from 80's, and here we are with spectacular duochromes and holos from Deborah and Layla. It's better late than never! ;)
- Deborah - 71 Scrabee Green by Stregalice
- Layla - Hologram collection by More Nail Polish
 BRAZILIAN BRANDS: another new trend of these months: the crazy brazilian polishes!!! Flakies, multhichromes and holos with so many colors you can't even imagine how it's possible to put all of them into a bottle!
Up Colors - Flocados Coleção by Esmaltes de Kelly
Speciallità - Hits - Samba by Fashion Polish
Ludurana - Fascinante by Nihrida
• VARIOUS BRANDS: there are a lot of brands not so famous or not so well worldwide distributed but sometimes from their collections comes out a surprise you can't avoid to admire as an idol. If you haven't seen them, yet, make a favour to yourself and click all the links below ;)
Scherer - Chameleon Blue Sky by The Posh Polish
- Linda Johansen - Winter Breeze by Neglelakkmani
- BeYu - 209 Brilliant Shiraz  by Like a Candy Shop
- [b]basic - Earth Life Style by Nail Art Sakura
- PB Cosmetics - Hortensia by Nail Art Sakura
Tommy G - iMagnet art 12 by nailXchange
- Stargazer - 128 Holy Shizzle by Nihrida
- BYS - Glitter Purple N285 by Sannuk
China Glaze - Stroll an evergreen must-have by Miss Jones
Color Club - Holiday Splendor great pics by A Polished Touch
SpaRitual - Running with Wolves a beautiful copper by Cute-Tickle Nails
Essence - Gold Old Buffy & friends an useful comparison by Alice
I've seen so many great ideas these 2 past weeks! Sorry again if there will be a lot of links, but, really, they deserve more than this, take a look!
Velvet Nails never seen something like this before! by un Petit Bonheur
Heart Patches a bit of Tim Burton? by Rina Alcantara
Black & Gold Chanel Nails totally classy by Gems in a Bottle
- Dotting Frenzy love the colors combos by Another Bottle of Polish?
Pink & Purple Watermarble perfectly done by Another Bottle of Polish?
Valentine Stamping  simple but still stunning by Fyeahilovenails
Pop Colors Splatter Mani wow! by Luv my Lacquer
Pucca Water Decals I'm drooling by nail Art Sakura
Dots on dark Chocolate just a dotter for an A+ idea by Raggio di Luna
Magnetic Polishes Tutorial very very useful! by Scrangie
Red Roses Water Decals gothic & elegant by Nihrida
My Boyfriend did my Nails! the courage of a blogger by Kayla Shevonne
Rose among Thorns simply beautiful by Emerald Sparkled
Love+ Glittery Eyes what a beautiful EOTD by EyeGraffiti
Shizzlelips Metallic Lip Foils woah!!! by Fab Fingertips
Dior Spring 2012 Eyeshadow Palettes *pretty* by Temptalia
- SAG Awards makeups and dresses:
My favs are Michelle Williams in a classic red that screams youth helped by shoes, I love this contrast + Naya Rivera sheeee's too sexy, the world can't be ready for this + Kelly Osbourne yes, I love her dress, yes, yes and yes again!!! by Temptalia
First snow in England with amazing shoots of snowflakes: I'm speechless by Lucy's Stash

That's all for this week. See ya! ^__^/


  1. Anonymous12/2/12 14:44

    wow! Thanks a long post LOVE IT!
    You read Sakura's blog!!?
    I do to, do you speak french?

  2. @ptitemeve: I'm always afraid to bother and bore you with long posts, what a relief your comment! :D
    I read few french blogs, but I've studied this language by myself in the 1995, before I went to a trip in paris, so I don't remember a lot, but google tranlator helps me a lot :P

  3. Fa freddo qua, c'è stato vento anche dalle mie parti ma oggi magicamente la temperatura si è alzata di un pochino e...Ho visto che in giardino stanno facendo capolino gli steli dei narcisi!!!
    Spero che la primavera ti porti qualche miglioramento :*

  4. Ero proprio stamattina a Udine: faceva freddo, sì, ma senza il vento dei giorni scorsi mi sembrava quasi primavera! :D
    Torno su lunedì prossimo e giovedì prossimo ;)
    Incrociamo le dita per la salute, pare stia cominciando a pagare per quelle cose di cui i medici di una volta se ne fregavano, come abbiamo parlato l'altra volta -__- Quindi plantare e tanta fisioterapia (speriamo siano sufficienti, ancora non si sa)
    P.S. oggi, dopo le brutte notizie da porzio, folli saldi da kiko e gotbeauty da acqua&sapone (pakettine belliccime!)
    A presto, spero!!!

  5. Il ritorno della pusher mascherata! XD

    p.s. Vai Gnomissima! <3


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