Monday, 19 March 2012

A-England - Camelot + Jesse's Girl - Confetti 2nd version

I made this mani the 12th of February, but... Here I am, and you can see the other version of this polish! :P
● JESSE'S GIRL - CONFETTI 2nd version
As I wrote before, in the review of the 1st version, I was interested just in that "cute little worms" glitters, in the beginning. Then, the girl who I swapped with, has found for me both and I fell in love with this version with no hope of redemption. It's pretty close (perhaps it's even a dupe) to other more famous top coats with blue/purple duochrome effect: CND - Sapphire Sparkle is the most well-known of them.
The duochrome effect is stronger than is visible from my pics, especially the purple part is a lot more prominent in the backlight. Application is flowing but I don't remember how many coats I did, sorry. Longevity is still very good, first chips came out just 4 days after. I'm extremely happy to this polish and I finally ended my hunt to the perfect duochrome top coat with these colors. Beautiful!

I'm always very careful about which creme worths a purchase: bases are important, ever, for every things in your life, nails are not an exception. I wanted to try the great quality of this brand with a polish to use as a base color, and I'm not disappointed at all: Camelot is flawless, just flawless.


  1. Confetti is soooo beautiful that I have no idea why I haven't used it yet?!
    And you are right! Confetti and the two Catrice top coats seem to be really similar :D Maybe I should make a comparison?

  2. This is would be very useful! I love comparisons, I saved a lot of money thanks to them ;P

  3. Aaaaaah! Finalmente i confetti "seri" ;-)
    Concordo assolutamente: è simillimo al Sapphire sparkle. E probabilmente ad un paio di boccette della upcoming Million styles Catrice ^___^

  4. Oh! Breathtaking shade!!

  5. Anonymous21/3/12 19:18


  6. Thank you!!! This polish deserves a lot *_*


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