Sunday, 8 April 2012



Two gifts from my lovely cousin who always thinks of me when she feels guilty for having bought too many nail polishes for herself! XD

- Basic Beauty by Limoni - 103: it's totally a dupe of Zoya - Apple, it's totally beautiful, it's totally great quality, it totally became one of my favorite polish ever!

- Basic Beauty by Limoni - I-don't-remember-the-number-right-now: another (almost) dupe of a Zoya one, I think it's pretty close to Zoya - Rica. What do you think about it?

- Deborah - Pret a Porter - 52 jungle adventure: a lonely purchase made a day I was very sad and I needed for (another) olive. I'm quite satisfied from it, but I need to test it better.
- Kiko - Full Coverage Concealer - 01 clear
- Kiko - Full Coverage Concealer - 03 medium
Maybe I eventually found _MY_ concealers: they are really full coverage, creamy and non-comedogenic (is the right word in english?) and they last almost all day long. Since I'm using these concealers (the lightest for pimples and highlight and the darkest for under-eyes) I can avoid to use fluid foundations: they cover enough to apply my pseudo-mineral foundation from ELF, yay! Never without them and I'll surely buy the 04 for summer! ;)

- KIKO - Lip Base Primer: a try. A try gone very well, anyway. This primer has the purpose to neutralize the pigmentation of lips, or most of it, so you can better enjoy the color of your lipstick and create a customized edge with no messing up. It works, it's just a bit sticky when you close the mouth, but not so much, I'm happy for this product, great value.
- KIKO - Eye Base Primer: no pics, but a wonderful opinion for this products, it's perfect for my wrinkled eyelids, because it's creamy and fills very well imperfections. Also long lasting for my eyeshadows. Great, really.

I have an indecent ammount of pics for next weeks: a swap with a friend of mine, Simona from Light your Nails! blog; few Essence purchases, and a HUGE swap with the lovely Julie from U.S.

- Ere K.'s Beauty Shelf: Catrice - 840 Genius in the Bottle
- The Beauty Case: Dior - Nirvana + [b]Basic - Central Park
- Mina and the Nail Polish: Sephora - 3 various swatches
- Steffels: Nerd Lacquer - From Space collection
- Pee Before Polish: Color Club - Metamorphosis + Nubar - Reclaim
- Le Esose: CND - Solar Oil
- Imperfectly Painted: Eva Supreme - 185
- Esmaltes de Kelly: Hits Speciallità - Glitter Forte collection
- Makeup and Beauty Blog: Dolce & Gabbana - Bouquet collection
- Scrangie: Picture Polish - Opulence collection + Color Club - Magnetic Force collection
- Spaz & Squee: Layla - Hologram collection & comparisons
- NailXChange: Model's Own - Indian Ocean + Layla - Flash Black
- Le Esose: Stargazer - Chrome 232
- Esmaltes de Kelly: Hits - Phenomena collection
- Imperfectly Painted: Nail-venturous - Foam
- The PolishAholic: Color Club - Cop an Attitude
- Nailside: Springy Stripes + Abstract '80s
- The PolishAholic: Caviar Manicure + Fuzzy Nail Sweaters
- Copy That, Copy Cat: Tie Dye Nails Tutorial
- My Simple Little Pleasure: The evolution of Ulta - Chocolate Kiss
- LuvMyLacquer: Rainbow Swirl Lollipop Nail Art
- Lucy's Stash: Colour Block Manicure
- Raggio di Luna: Dots on Plum + Green Fantasy
- Nail Art Sakura: Burberry Nail Art
- Wacky Laki: Black & White + See the Darkness, Feel the Magic!
- The Posh Polish: Tuxedo Nails
- Gotham Polish: Mix it up: pinks & oranges
- Let Them Have Polish: Black & White Challenge: Day 2 - White on Black
- Copy That, Copy Cat: Sugarcoated... Without the sugar!
- Fab Fingertips: Black & White Splatter Mani
- Un Petit Bonheur: Reines d'Orient
- Eddie Redmayne Online: "My week with Marylin" screen captures
- Temptalia: Urban Decay - build your own palette

That's all for this week. See ya! ^__^/


  1. Grazie per avermi inserita ;D Un bacione grosso grosso per tutto il resto. <3

  2. A me dispiacerebbe moltissimo se tu "abbandonassi" in questi termini il blog. :(
    Credo che ti sia creata un bello spazio dove sfogare un po' tutto. Certo, se la cosa non ti porta più felicità e serenità ha poco senso portarla avanti. Prova a prenderti un po' di tempo, in fondo qua non ci sono mica scadenze, e vedi se la voglia e la gioia tornano.
    Per il resto, ben più serio del blog, sai che ci sono. Vedi di non costringermi ad un'incursione dalle tue parti, eh. ;))))
    Ti abbraccio.

  3. Quoto Cristina in toto!

  4. Certo quando ci sono pensieri più grandi il blog è l'ultima delle preoccupazioni :-/ però anche secondo me sarebbe un peccato mollare la tua "creazione", speciale proprio perché ha il tuo stile. In fondo non è un lavoro, capita a tutte di rallentare per un po' o mettersi in stand by per tornare quando se ne ha davvero voglia, tempo...
    Un abbraccio virtuale, tieni duro!


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