Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Nfu.Oh - 065

I own this beauty since a lot of time and I've worn very often, but never swatches because cuticles were too dry or sunlight wasn't enough or blah blah blah... This time cuticles were extremely dry and pic was done in march with no sunlight at all, but who cares? Photoshop can help me for this! XD
Such a lovely polish to cheer your day!
● NFU.OH - 065
Does this polish need for a long presentation? I'll say the usual things: it's a linear light blue holographic polish with very strong holo effect, blah blah blah, you'll need to wear a smoothing base coat and please avoid to use top coat since the holo effect may be reduced a lot, what else..., the polish dries immediately but doesn't last more than a couple of days, etcetera but it's beautiful etcetera. I confirm all the usual things! XD I just add two pics for the bottle because it's a way of art. If you should be tired of your nail polishes collection, I'm sure you'll keep all Nfu.Oh and put them in the living room behind a glass display! 


  1. Una meraviglia del mondo smaltoso! *___*

  2. Sììììì! Oddio, adesso ne han fatti di identici se non migliori, ma ormai che c'ho questo non ho bisogno di altri celesti holo, diciamo che chi non ha avuto l'opportunità di prendere l'nfu.oh ha le sue ottime consolazione in quest'ultimo anno ;D

  3. Adoro Nfu.oh per le sue stupende boccettine <3


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