Sunday, 26 August 2012


This swap started with a couple of things, just a fast swap... Nothing so challenging... Nothing so complicated... Then... Ehm... One thing leads to another so it took months to buy and arrange everything. But the most important thing is I guess to have found a new friend. Thank you Julia! ♥
Let's go start with the items!

- China Glaze - Brownstone: I totally fell in love with this polish since the first time I've seen the Metro collection, and my hopes were not disappointed. I've already worn it twice, but no made pics, silly me.
- China Glaze - Stone Cold: more China Glaze!  :D This one comes from one of the latest collection of this brand, the Hunger Games one. It's a silver charcoal that dries satin, beautiful! Another polish I've used but not photographed... ç_ç
- China Glaze - Grape Pop: another simple creme from ChG that I would since a lot of time. I've already tried it and, again, no photos. Sorry, but when I've used these polishes the first time was a very hard time in my life and I didn't think to capture my manicures. Sorry Julia, but I'll wear them again for sure! >_<
- China Glaze - Lorelei's Tiara: something twinkling, finally! :P I really like this polish because it really sparkles a lot, but I have not tried it on my nails so far, but just on false tips and I can't wait to wear it for real.
- Zoya - Neeka: this is the first polish I've used as soon as I received my package from Julia. A lot of people complimented to me for it, because it's really charming, and I regret very much to have not made photos. ç__ç
- Butter London - Victoriana: I think this polish was the first (and only) reason for this swap, int he beginning: it's all its fault!!! :D By the way, it's amazing as I hoped, and this one... Has pics! Yeeee! Soon on this screen! ;D
- OPI - My Private Jet (2nd version): this is a gift from Julia, a wonderful gift!!! It's not the holo version, but the holo microglitters version, but who cares? The colour is sooooo close to chocolate that I couldn't stop to stare at my nails when I've worn it (of course no pics XD). I _have to_ swatch it again! è_é/
- Lyndderella - Connect the Dots + Snow Angel: Ahw! So cute, both! I have to confess I tried them just on false tips, because I would to have longer nails for them, and they are getting stronger recently, so I hope to be able to wear these polishes soon! ;D
- Sinful Colors - Green Ocean: another gift! :D This one... Ehm... It's perfect for bricolage!!! I've used it to decorate a wooden box, but I didn't finished it, I need more time (and patience) ;P

I decided to learn how to wear make-up, so I need... Stuff! Yes, I'm 35 and I never learned it before. XD I'm taking advantage from swaps for this, so I asked to Julia to purchase something for me, but she did a lot more and sended me a lot of other pretty things!!! *__*
- Wet'n'Wild - Blue had me at Hello: *drooling* I asked for this palette for the four eyeshadows in the middle, and I depotted them to a custom palette. I use them very often and I'm totally in love with them. By the way I've swatched all 8 colors before the selection and I'm going to do make-up posts as soon as I can with all my stuff (that's not so much :P)
- Wet'n'Wild - Cool as a Cucumber + Don't Steal my Thunder: from these trios I've kept everything, but I depotted them anyway :P
- NYX - Dramatic Chromatic Eyeshadow Pigment in Seclude: this one is a gift from Julia *droooooling* first swatch is dry and second is wet. Beautiful! *__*
Next three items are surprises by Julia! *__*
- ANEW - Lash Transforming Mascara + Serum: I'm not using the serum, but yes for mascara. it's light but very defining, perfect for everyday looks.
- AVON - Jillian Dempsey for AVON Professional Eye Duo in Bronze: cream eyeshadow + brown eyeliner (swatches on the right of the pic), spectacular both. The eyeliner is a bit too liquid, but I'm not an eyeliner fan , so I use it just to do a reinforce the shade of the lashes.
- NYX - Eye/Eyebrow Pencil in 903 Dark Brown: I use brown on brows during the day and black in the night, and a brown pencil was something I missed. Such a luck!
- Lip Smacker in various fruit: these are gifts for my friends! Previously I received a Lip Smacker in watermelon as gift in another swap and I love it so much that I wanted to share this love with other people, so I asked for a set of them to give away! :D

Next 3 items come from an order on TKB online store (as a CP inside the swap), an amazing shop online that sells pigments and other stuff to custom and storage your makeups.
- Color Wheel: it's pretty hard to find in Italy a good color wheel, moreover it's almost impossibile to find a cheap one! On TKB $3.75 and go on! ;P
- Franken Polish Bottles in Caroline (5 ml) + Monster Beads: I would to buy a lot more of these!!! I always want to make gifts to my friends but it's hard when you haven't a job, so these bottles are the ideal stuff for this purpose: I can share a lot of my nail polishes with them! :D
Share your treasures? Are you crazy, Jessica? Bloggers, let's be honest (for once!): how many nail polishes do you own? And how many polishes you'll finish in your all entire life? Cooooome on! Don't be greedy and share your beauties with your lovely friends! ;D
- Large Square 36 mm Palette with Mirror: another useful purchase. They are perfect for Kiko's mono  eyeshadows and other brands (for example Neve Cosmetics refills), they are also magnetic and sleek and with a very high quality plastic. A must have!

Finished, at last!!!! Such a yummy swap, don't you think? There also were a couple of other items but I can't find the pics, sorry! I'm a lost cause, I know... >__<

That's all for this week. See ya! ^__^/


  1. Tutte queste cose sono una meraviglia *_* da strabuzzare gli occhi *_* ma da una cosa non riesco a togliere lo sguardo, li sto ammirando e sbavando allo stesso momento :) i due Lyndderella <3 Attendo con ansia tutti gli swatches ;)

  2. Lipsmacker Watermelon! *____* Neeka & Victoriana! *____*

    .... E tutto il resto! *____*

  3. Com'è Stone Cold dal vivo? E' da un po' che ce l'ho in wish list ma sono in dubbio... vale la pena o che tu sappia è simile ad altro?

  4. Yummissimo questo swap! Tra gli smalti mi ispira il Butter London e poi la ruota colori <3<3 e le palette...

  5. @baby/gigio XD: se ce la faccio a prendere altre boccettine vuote li posso smezzare con te i lynnderella ;D

    @dany: bellissimi quei due *__*

    @alice: non è un colore così originale, in effetti, però mi mancava del tutto e per me merita perchè mi piace come si stende e si asciuga, credo sia quasi uguale all'opi suzi skies in the pyrenees suede! credo che, con un top coat lucido, sia mooolto vicino al china glaze jitterbug, che a questo punto non prenderei ;P

    @aly: purtroppo il butte rlondo l'ho già smezzato sennò ti offrivo un fifty fifty ç__ç la ruota colori è fantastica, davvero, e le palette wet n wild sono una perla *__* quelle vuote invece... se ordinassi di nuovo da tkb ti potrebbero interessare? ;D

  6. @stregalice: dimenticavo! è uno smalto one coat!!!!! :D


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