Friday, 24 August 2012

OPI - Absolutely Alice

I received this nail polish with a swap with Erika a few months ago and I've tried it as soon as it was on my dirty hands, but no pics because batteries were out of charge. This is happened once again, but third time was the right time and I've finally catched this beauty!

A short but LQ video just to show you how much this polish sparkles
Crazy, don't you think?

A bright bright bright blue with tons tons tons of silver and gold glitters that sparkles sparkles sparkles and still sparkles! Really, do I need to say something more after these pics? I swear they catch the real color but just ALMOST the real intensity and brilliancy. Don't wear this polish if you are a shy person. Don't wear this polish if you don't want people stare at your hands constantly. Wear this polish if you want you're life is a bit tastier! Such a professional review I've just written... XD
Ok, I'll be serious: use a large ammount of glossy top coat and have a lot of patience to remove it. Good luck and enjoy your beautiful piece of Alice. See ya!


  1. Dato il nome dovevo avere questo smalto :) I colleghi si lamentano quando lo metto perché è abbagliante! Cmq io non ho mai avuto problemi a toglierlo, si sollevava dall'unghia da solo!

  2. Ah me si sollevano i glitter dopo aver fatto un bagno caldo e se ho messo una base levigante abbondante, sennò son santi che vengono giù! :D I tuoi colleghi sono solo invidiosi da tanta sbrillante figata! ;D
    p.s. come lo vedi il layout nuovo? problemi? disagi? piace? fa cagare? :P

  3. I'm dying to have this color! looks great on you :)


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