Sunday, 9 January 2011

Pupa - 700 + stickers

This mani was done into the bathtub just for trying this new polish of mine: fast application (have mercy of me); cleaning up done, but with a cotton for ears...; orrible shots, but VERY orrible shots; nail shape... no comment; cuticle are still *yummy* but I was resisting better than before. It was like stop smoking!!! >__<
● PUPA - 700 I really love this creamy and shiny polish! The color is deep, the application is opaque with just one thin coat, and this is a VERY long lasting polish. I kept on this one an entire week and it wasn't chipped at all, it was perfect as the first day. Amazing! I'm really sorry this photograph is so bad, because this polish deserves more, but I finished my bottle and I'm a sad orphan of it. ç__ç
I bought them from this brand: Fing'rs

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