Sunday, 20 February 2011

Eyeko - Posh

Another konadicure, more discrete than others, and classy. I didn't wait enough before applying the final top coat, so result is not perfect about stamping polish, plus there are some of my cat's hair and cuticle were a bit dry. A disaster! By the way, idea was good at least! XD

Taupe taupe taupe every day taupe! I love dusty colors, I love browns, I love cremes,  so I absolutely love this shade. Eyeko comes with small bottle (8,5 ml) but it has a cheap price and a good formula, although a bit strange: thick when you apply it, but it'll leveling when dries.
I was surprised from Paradoxal: it's very fluid but it's great for stamping. Yeah!
You can buy this image plate from Konad Stamping Nail Art official site. This is one of my favourite plates! ♥

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