Sunday, 20 February 2011

Nail Art: Harry Potter contest on Nailswatches

Last summer I have tried to join a nailart contest. Ok, I'm not so good, I am a real newbie of mani, but the contest was fun for me, since I love Harry Potter saga and the contest was dedicated to it!
The blogger who launched idea was Nailswatches, an amazing dutch blogger!
I was very excited for this contest and I had a lot of ideas, but my poor skills limited me... One day finally the trick to increasing quality: STICKERS! Tricks are good, but they have to be original and selfmade for a contest, I think, sooooo I made stickers by myself. The result is a bit creepy, but I'm pretty proud anyway: it took me a long time, but it was funny too, and... Incredible... I won! :D

Harry Potter Nailart Contest Links

I choose the colors of every single house of Hogwarts for every single finger, more a second lighter and glittery/frosty color to brightening: green and silver for Slytherin, burgundy and gold for Gryffindor, blue and silver for Ravenclaw, and black and gold for Hufflepuff. Pinkie wears the 4 colors of Hogwarts with a black background.
Decals are the 4 "shields" of the 4 houses. They are printed on adhesive paper in high quality, but the camera catches everything more unfocused than the real ones. Than I cut them and press on the nails. Simple!
I don't know technical names for accessories, but the first photo shows you everything. I used angolar brush for tips, the tiny one for foil stripes and the round brush for clean up. Everything else is easy to imagine what is served for. :P

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