Sunday, 20 February 2011

Nfu.Oh - 61 + Color Club - Revvvolution + stamping

No need for logical words this time. ♥___♥

Holos need for video, too. This is unavoidable!
The second one has italian X-Factor on background, sorry! XD

And another video with italian X-Factor in the background! XD

NFU.OH - 61
My presssSSSsssshhhous silver holo! Just one thing, an important thing, more: always use the Nfu.Oh - Aqua Base under holo polishes, but pay attention to hot water and warm vapors if you use this base with no-Nfu.Oh holos, because enamel could go away as a decal! *wooosh away* LOL
Holo effect is barely, but this "black" polish is great however, and perfect for stamping. Perfect!!!
You can buy this image plate from Konad Stamping Nail Art official site.

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