Sunday, 20 February 2011

Eyeko - Indigo + Nfu.Oh - 51

Nfu. Oh flakies are another must have. Absolutely! Combinations with other polishes are infinite, an endless fun! :D

I like the final result of this shimmered blue, but I was a bit disappointed from it, because the first coat wasn't blue at all, but a sheer purple... Mmmh... I was perplex... Second and third layers has solved the "disappointment", but I was still hoping for a deeper formula. By the way, still pretty.
NFU.OH - 51
Everyone loves this polish, and they have good reasons for this! I applied it over a blurple base because I thought to higlight the pink flakies better, but I was wrong. The flakies seem more red and green than purple with this option, but still amazing! I'll try over other colors, I swear!

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