Thursday, 20 October 2011

Essence - Style Me Holo

No blabbing today, just the polish! ;)

This isn't a unique shade, it's pretty obvious: the teal/purple combo is the most used in duochromes, especially for shimmer/frost finishes, so nothing new or special. Simply, I didn't own anything like this and I was often perplexed by buying them, because very often they are amazing in the bottle, but not so amazing on nails. I think this polish is a good compromise. the duochrome effect is less than Ozotic - 504, for example, but more than a lot of others I saw in drugstore or even more than other Essence polishes with the same purpose.
Weaknesses? Enchanting but sheer, you'll need a base if you don't want to apply coats and coats... In this pics I used a purple shimmer base, because the teal/blue side is more visible than the purple one, so I thought to make a support to it, and I guess it worked pretty well! Unfortunately my camera doesn't love so much duochromes and it was very hard to catch the change of colors, but, I swear, it's charming! 


  1. Davvero molto molto bello! Ottima l'idea di usare una base diversa, è davvero incantevole l'effetto!

  2. I think you did a great job photographing it. I know it can be a PITA to capture duochrome on camera. Essence really needs to learn the difference between holo and duochrome. Pretty shade nonetheless, and you made it even prettier by layering it over purple.

  3. Belle foto, in particolare la quarta è stupenda!! Io devo ancora sistemare le mie (senza base, non mi ricordo quanti strati ho dovuto dare, dovrò consultare i miei appunti), e capire se il nuovo Essence In Style - mi pare - sia questo reimbottigliato...

  4. @ele: grazie!

    @nihrida: I understand the confusione between metallic and frosty, or sparkling and glass flakes, or jelly and watery (because I always have a lot of doubts about them) but holo and duochrome is pretty hilarious! ;P

    @aly: I think "in style" is the same, probably essence had a lots of leftovers! XD


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