Sunday, 22 January 2012


An old purchase and a very recent swap, both from US!
From a very old order in... Last July, I guess, when a friend of mine went to US for a trip and I received the polishes in October. But I noticed to have forgotten to show you three more beauties, sorry my pressSSssciousses! I'm speaking with the polishes, of course... XD
- China Glaze - Meteor Shower
One of the first items in my wishlist EVER! Ok, I know it's an old kind of "fat" and rough glitters, and there are a lot of blue glitters better than this out there, but I was fond of it for a long time and I couldnt' leave it alone.

- Color Club - Wild and Willing
Another old old old wishlist item! I like owning multitasking polishes: this one is pretty alone with its golden copper finish, and is stunning layered over a dark base, because it pulls out a duochrome effect!

- Sinful Colors - Call you Later
Another multipurpose polish: flashy alone and useful to renew if you apply over another polish (I advice any kind of dark green), with a lot of green, yellow and gold round glitters of different sizes.
It passed a lot of time since I've made my last swap on Makeup Alley, because I'm shamefully slow about purchase and reply to emails and sending the packages. But I can't say no to people who ask me about swapping, even with my timing. Sorry Julia, but we've made it, at last! ☺

- Barielle - Elle's Spell
Lovely lovely ooooh so lovely! A jelly cherry base with multichrome flakies that go from red to yellow to green. 

- OPI - DS Illuminate
OPI is one of those brands that are not so clear about their cruelty-free policy. OPI is, but Coty, that own the brand, isn't, so a small part of money you give to OPI goes to Coty, too. For this reason I don't buy OPI anymore, but I'll accept swaps of used bottles. No more money for Coty, one more polish for me. :) This one is amazing, I saw it from a friend of mine and I instantly fell in love with it. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Beige/brown with holo microglitters and a slight duochrome effect that goes on green.

- Sinful Colors - 24/7
This is a gift from the swapper! Not my tipe of color, absolutely, buuuuut I was thinking for months to buy few neon colors for nail arts, so this one is perfect for what i was thinking for! :D

- Sinful Colors - Hottie
Another extra polish for me! *__* This one is sooooo pretty! When I go to COIN I always stare at it and I can't decide if buy it or not, so this gift take away any doubt from me, yay! :D It's sheer but I love its delicate jelly base and the holo medium size glitters in pastels. Enchanting.

Last, but no least, a polish necklace painted with Color Club - Fashion Addict. No words. Thank you Julia, thank you very much!!! *^___^*

Quickly quickly!!! So many interesting links this week, I couldn't decide what throw away, so I didn't throw away no one of them. I'm hopeless. -__-
Teal is a magic word for me. My eyes are glittering. *_*
- Like a Candy Shop: Kleancolor - Bite Me
Elsa, I have a serious problem: I like all your recent posts. A lot.
- Mai Senza Smalto: Zoya - Neeka
One of my favorite Zoya: dust blue and matte shimmer, yummy.
- More Nail Polish: Color Club - Holiday Splendor
And, of course, a useful comparison with China Glaze - Atlantis.
- Nail Art Sakura: Orly - Rock It!
This polish wins. Totally.
Any time I see swatches of this polish I like it more and more.
- Cute-Tickle Nails: A-England - Perceval + Max Factor - Fantasy Fire
As Perceval wasn't enough awesome, a preview to MF new WOW! *_*
- Das Experiment: Deborah - 60
*Sigh* Fantastic the polish and the nails, too!!!
- Nihrida: China Glaze - Electropop collection in my stash
Useful hints for "dupes" or sometjhing close to them ;D
- Polish Police: Lynnderella - Connect the Dots
I have to confess: I'm not a fan of this brand, but it's just my personal taste, because I'm not crazy for the most of big glitters. Connect the Dots is an exception, I love this polish with all my cuticles!
- The Polish Aholic: Icing - Magnetix
I'm not so into magnetic polishes, but... These ones... WTF... :O°°°
- The Polish Aholic: Lynnderella - Snow Angel
This is the other Lynnderella polish I love. ;P
I'm always amazed from this line of decals: good quality and great designs!
- Copy That, Copy Cat: Smoky Dry Marble French
This lady makes so many fuckin wonderful nail arts! *__*
- The Nailasaurus: Classic but Not
Title of this post says everything <3
- The Nailasaurus: Goosebumps Nail Art
Sammy again this week! :D
I love this kind of posts *__* Dresses are the only reason why I "read" gossip magazines thata a my mum's friends gift to us and we keep in the bathroom! XD
A dream. This palette is just a dream.
A friend of mine did this with eyeshadow, and I liked sooo much! I'll never do it, too? I really suck on make-up... -__-

That's all for this week. See ya! ^__^/


  1. Felice che ti piacciano e che vada meglio! ^ç^

  2. Ma davvero, stai facendo dei post veramente fighi, ma veramente!!! *__*
    E grazie per il resto, spero che vada sempre meglio, perchè stavo raggiungendo il limite della pazienza ^^;

  3. I love the polishes you got from the US! And Barielle Elle's Spell looks so pretty :D would love to see that on the nails.

  4. niente da dire i tuoi post domenicali sono veramente un concentrato di meraviglie ;)
    cmq ti ho nominato per il "one lovley blog award" lo so che lo hai giò ricevuto, ma consideralo come segno di apprezzamento ;)!!!

  5. I'm glad you feel better :) And I adore your Random Sundays :) :) A lot of cool links, and special thanks for tagging me! :) Can't wait to see Barielle Elle's Spell, it's on my WL too)

  6. Oooh ma quanti bei smaltini!!!! *_* Il 24/7 ce l'ho e mi piace tantissimo, certo non è un colore particolarmente portabile ma è ammmore, per essere un neon poi ha una formula favolosa!
    I gioielli fatti con gli smalti mi piacciono da morire! No comment sulla palette della Tarantino, è un secolo che ci sbavo dietro! *_*

  7. ROTFL per il tuo "rest...Not in peace"!!!! Belli i tuoi ultimi arrivi: il Barielle e il Color Club son quelli che mi piacciono di più!

  8. Mi piacciono tutti questi bellissimi smaltini. Anche il super rosa *_*, anche se di solito non sono un'amante di questa tonalità. Il Sinful Colors - Hottie l'ho visto di persona a casa tua ed è meraviglioso <3


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