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I couldn't decide between posting A LOT of photos of gifts and purchases (bought in the last 2/3 months) or posting the pics splitted in 3 weeks... Eventually I decided for the second option, because I could find myself with nothing to show you in the near future, since I'm not buying many things. So... Let's go with XMAS GIFTS!!! ;D
Such a damned and cool and amazing and... WOW surprise I received!!! My very first MAC items!!! A customizable quad with four delicate and matte eyeshadow refill pans included. Wow. I don't deserve so much. :°)

- MAC - Pro Palette Eye Shadow x 4
- MAC - Pro Palette Refill Pan: from left to right, from top to bottom
1 - Wedge - soft muted beige taupe matte
2 - Folie -  reddish-plum brown satin
3 - Blanc Type - creamy beige matte2
4 - Haux - soft muted rosy brown satin
Me and her always send polishes to each other, but xmas is a special event and she gave to me something more than usual. Thank you dear, you're so kind to me, but your friendship is the most important thing!!! :°)

- L'Erbolario - Fiore dell'Onda Bagnoschiuma
- L'Erbolario - Fiore dell'Onda Eau de Parfum samples
The first time she gave me to try a product from this collection, I instantly fell in love with the fragrance. I don't like parfumes, usually, but these items have something I can't explain, something totally different from anything I smelled before and gives me a great feeling. My favorite scent ever with marseille soap, vanilla and watermelon.

- Catrice - Big City Life limited edition - London
Such a lovely pearly yellow!!! It reminds me a lot to IsaDora - Mellow Yellow, a polish I didn't buy when I could and now I can't find it anymore. And Daniela knew it!!! :D

- Golden Rose - Holographic Color - 114
An antique dusty rose with thin holo microparticles into it. I'm crazy for it.
I know the mysterious but damned lovely Juno will be totally embarassed for this right now, but I have to write it: YOU HAVE TO VISIT HER FACEBOOK PAGE. Why? Because Juno sings in a way you can't  even imagine: I'm a real sucker about music, but I can't avoid to listen her voice as often as I can. Please, make a favor to yourself and download her CDs. And love her with all your ears.
P.S. no one paid me to write such wonderful words, but I got many lovely stickers. Juno is going to killing me, I'm aware of it! XD

I have tons of previous pics to post, but I think these ones need to be posted now, before Kiko sales end. You can find all items and prices on sale here. I would more than I bought, but money doesn't grow up on trees, as my grandmother used to say. :P So... I had to limite myself against my will and I brought home with me just 2 eye pencils. But they have 2 colors each, so I could say I brought home with me 4 eye pencils, yay! I read great reviews about these products and they were damned right! These pencils are almost indelible! XD
If you are wealthier than me, keep an eye on Chic Chalet packaging (I'd buy something random just to keep the box with the mirror! *_*), Chic Chalet - Color Fever Eyeshadow Palettes and Light Impulse - Shimmer Pearls, I'm sure you won't disappointed from them.
My mini Kiko haul closed! Charming boxes *_*
And my mini Kiko haul opened! Classy packaging, don't you think?
And here we are with the marvel!!! Speechless...
KIKO - Light Impulse - Double Glam Eyeliner
1 - on the left: 08 - Silver and Pearly Black
2 - on the right: 05 - Emerald and Amethyst
Close up to pencil number 05 and its fabulous reflections: fuchsia/blue for the purple and gold/green for the emerald/teal

Finally I'm writing this post in time and I can comment the links and I'm improving in smaller selection! ;D
BEST OF 2011
- More Nail Polish: Top 11 of 2011
I remember this blog as Queen of Holo, but it's more and more than this :)
- Cute-Tickle Nails: Glitter Gal - Lizard Belly
I love this polish, but this swatch is maybe the best I've ever seen of it!
Take a look to Sam's pics for this fabulous holo parade
- Kiss my Acetone: Kleancolor - Holo Chrome
One of my favorite polish I would a lot for me <3
- Kiss my Acetone: Zoya - True collection
Again this collection, but these pics deserve very much
I didn't know this brand, but I think I need for Aurora and Inuit, and you?
- Let Them have Polish: Zoya spam!
Zoya-gasm! Apple, Rica, Crystal, Holly and few more!
- The Polish Aholic: Zoya - True collection
Another preview for this collection, another great post you need to see
I envy who put their hands on Essence's TE weeks before than Italians! ;D
- Nailin' It: Wet n Wild - Back Alley Deals
This polish is pretty amazing and these pics are, too!
- Pee Before Polish: Nubar - Night Sparkle
Navy blue + extreme sparkle = SBAV!
- Simply Rins: Brown Ombre and Dots
Something very easy to do but with a classy stunning effect
- Nailside: Fancy Clouds
Ahw! Cloudy manicure wins in cuteness and elegance!
- Alexandra RC: Layering Flakies
A great result! It seems a lot to Unicorn Puke by Cult Nails!
- Fab Fingertips: A-England - Camelot + Polka Dots matte
I'm in love with this polka dots mani gloss & matte
- Nails by Kayla Shevonne: Winter Trees
I think this is a great idea, simple and classy
- Simply Rins: Cherry Blossoms
Again Rina, but I love very much her manis, really really.
- Nihrida: Nail Polish Finishes
You MUST to see and study this post, it's damned useful!!
- Vintage Musings of a Modern Pinup: 2011 Favourites: Outfits
I'm in love with this woman and her style. Totally.

That's all for this week. See ya! ^__^/


  1. Thank you so much for posting a link to my blog! :* It's nice to see these kind of posts with a lot of link. Very entertaining. =)

  2. Mi fai commuovere, Gnomì! <3 A parte ciò, è sempre un piacere, sallo! :-)))

    E mi associo alle lodi per la nostra singer-polished-friend Juno! *____* She's stunning!

  3. Ma il Golden Rose dove lo hai/avete scovato??

  4. Ti rispondo io, la pusher ufficiale XDDD L'ho trovato in quel sito olandese citato spesso, Nail Polish fashion: hanno gli holo, i flakies, i matte, i velvet e i magnetics.

  5. @nihrida: thank you!!! *^__^* I'm often worried people aren't so interested in these posts, but actually I'm pretty lazy lately and I prefer do this kind of post than swatches ;P

    @dany: juno is love è_é

    @simo: ecco t'ha risposto la pusher XD


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