Monday, 9 January 2012

POLL - Best of 2011 - part 2/3

I need a bit' of your time. Again. This is the second poll of this "Best of 2011" series, and it's dedicated to nail-arts. My nail-arts is quite simple, you know: easy stampings, easy scotch tapes, veeeeery easy decals and few more, but I like them because I can use more polishes together having just few untrieds in my stash! This time  I've chosen 12 of my favorite from the entire album of this past year, and feel free to comment with  your tastes and preferences. ;)

If you want to see more pics and reviews, click on the "HERE" stuff. XD
1 - Floral stamping in jadeHERE
2 - Zebra stamping in blue sky and silverHERE
3 - Branches stamping in foil teal and silver: HERE
4 - Baroque stamping french in green and silver: HERE
5 - Fireworks stamping in dusty blue and silverHERE
- Pied-de-poule stamping in black and grey: HERE
7 - Floral stamping in magenta and silver foil: HERE
8 - Gradient french in silver and glitter multicolor: HERE
9 - Mummy scotch tape in purples and pinks: HERE
10 - Striped stamping in matte blues: HERE
11 - Rose decals for french in green and jade: HERE
12 - Funky french scotch tape in black and red: HERE
And now... VOTING TIME!

Thank you to all of you!!! See you soon for the last poll! ^__^/


  1. È stato difficile scegliere tra la 9 e la 12 *__* comunque sono tutte bellissime, sei così brava *__*

  2. Concordo, stavolta la scelta è stata più ardua! Ma ce l'ho fatta a farcela ;-)

  3. Anonymous9/1/12 17:59

    My top 3 have to be
    #3 Baroque stamping french in green and silver
    #2 Mummy scotch tape
    #1 Funky french scotch tape
    Love your nail art!!!

  4. Son stata 10' a guardare e riguardare, son tutte bellizzime!!! Però alla fine ho scelto ;-) la 3

  5. Anonymous10/1/12 16:03

    It was so hard to only pick one!! I'm just wondering: what kind of angled brush did you use to do the gradient? It looks so beautiful and I would like to try it too but I have no idea which brush I need to buy!!

  6. So many nice nail designs and only one chance to vote! I love #2, #8, #9, #10 and #12! But my absolute favorite are #9 and #12 - they are truly amazing!

    Best regards!

  7. @ruth: for that gradient mani I used 2 brushes: the first is angled for the tips and the second long and narrow for few shaded stripes. You can see them in this pic I bought them to an art shop, and they are brushes for oil painting :)

    And thaaaaank you very much to all of you for your help and kindness!!! *^__^*

  8. This was a fun poll! You have a lot of really pretty designs to choose from.

  9. è stato difficile scegliere! Alla fine ho optato per la #4! :)

  10. @nailXchange: thank you very much!!! *^__^*

    @MyMakeupBox: anche io ho votato la 4 ;P


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