Sunday, 8 January 2012

POLL - Best of 2011 - part 1/3

I need a bit' of your time. I can't believe it, but yesterday was the first anniversary of this blog. Ok... There are few followers, I don't post very much, I'm not a pro and not even anything close to a pro, my manicure experience is totally basic and I decide to begin this blog just because my health: out of the blue I had a lot of free time, not many chances to go out and I understood I needed for something frivolous but creative. So, this blog was born just for a "WHY NOT?". And now...
So, please, give me just one minute of your time and choose one of manicures below. There will be 3 polls, this is the first one, and it's dedicated to layering manis. I've chosen 8 of my favorite from the entire album of this past year, but I'd like you feel free to give me one more hint about your tastes and preferences. ;)

If you want to see more pics and reviews, click on the "HERE" stuff. XD
1 - Zoya - Envy + China Glaze - Zombie ZestHERE
2 - Chanel - Paradoxal + China Glaze - Fairy DustHERE
3 - B by Limoni - 46 + Sinful Colors - Sugar SugarHERE
4 - Kiko - 349 + Kiko - 305HERE
5 - [b]Basic - 228 + Kiko - 228HERE
- Orly - Lunar Eclipse + Sinful Colors - FrenzyHERE
7 - Kiko - 346 + Kiko - 228 + [b]Basic - 26HERE
8 - A-England - Camelot + Cult Nails - Unicorn PukeHERE

Are you ready? Are you sure? Are you? Are? You? Ok! let's go and vote!

Thank you to all of you!!! See you soon! ^__^/


  1. Votato! Ardua scelta però, ero indecisa fra quattro :/ Sono belle tutte! :)

  2. Ho votato "stranamente", ma ho votato ;-)

  3. ho votato ;) anche io ho più di una preferenza, ma alla fine ho dovuto scegliere la nr. 8 :Q___ !!!

  4. Voted :)
    they all look fab doe
    Kiwi ..x

  5. Thank you to all of you!!!! <3


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